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    England vs Spain: Your Verdict

    Watching England always brings on a strange feeling of Déjà vu. They start in a promising manner - some good play, a couple of exciting movements, maybe even a shot or two on goal. And then England start showing their true colours and every fan across the land gets bored.

    So. Here's the question. What needs to happen for England to win games against real teams? AND, are they ever going play any exciting football again? When was the last time any of you were truly thrilled by an England game?

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    • they played gud but they r going 2 av 2 buck up there ideas if they euro 08 coz they r bringin out young players who get tired

    • england have there good times but then they have there bad times.

    • The Manager has no spine & nor has the team.
      Since the exclusion of Beckham , the England team have lacked passion.
      JT is a good captain , andis aggressive is defence , but we have no fight or spark in midfield or up front . Beckham could create chances out of nothing , and thats what theEngland team miss.
      Im not saying Beckham should return , we just need to find somone good enough to fill his boots.

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      • The team lacked passion even with Beckham, he is not the solution, McClaren (or whoever got the job ) should try new players, if lamps and Gerrard don't perform, give someone else a chance!

        The one England misses in midfield is Scholes, he's the most creative midfielder in England.
        Beckham has been performing well lately, maybe it's time to give him another chance.

    • I am an American and I dont get many chances to watch my faveorite international team play. This was my second time since the wrold cup that Ive seen them play. I started the game hoping they would pull out a victory and yet they played like they did in the world cup. Sloppy (and this comming from an American) It looked like to me they needed more practice on the basics. Sure they can handel the ball and England has the best midfield in the world but there wasnt any coordination between the players. Any time they passed they turned over possision to Spain. When you pass your supposed to make an advantage for your team by letting the ball do the work and wear out the opsing team. It wouldnt fail though every time any English player passed the ball the Spanish whould be there to #$%$ it lead it down field and score. In Englands current condition I dont even think they could take on the Canadian Curling team playing Football. The team looks like it has no solidarity.

    • What do u call a daddy long legs whos had its wings pulled off ? Peter crouch . Need i say more ?
      i am trying to figure out one thing , why on earth is that dumb #$%$ lanky transvestite looking muther fooker in the side ? Simple , his missus supplies all the free cocaine to steve mc claren . Coz he has to be on something to put his name on teamsheet . Hes 6ft 7 and loses a heading chance against a 5 ft 10 defender and its the defender who wins the ball and jumps higher !!! How ??? He got nearly a foot lead before he starts . If he is on the field to hold the ball up for strikers ( who ever it is they play ) does that not say we are playing long ball again from the start. Fair enough if we are one goal down with 15 or 20 mins to play bring him on ! To wipe the players boots !!!!!
      not to play

    • England's new manger is a very bad one we shotv got a better one that solves the problem and why don't we at least put someone with great shots in stricke like frank lampard.

    • I agree with most of what has been said, maybe its time to give some of the lads in Div's 1 & 2 a go-they would I'm sure put up a better fight of it.

    • England are trash no question get lampard out and get crouch out to in with carick and defoe


    • why is anyone surprised a dour unsuccessful manager in charge and venables who has more interest inhis paper colume the next day,disgrace they are in charge. when will someone pick players in form and put them in the team in the same positions they play for their clubs. we are the only country that plays footballers for anything upto 2or 3 international seasons when they are hopelessly out of form and friendlies same teams same ideas same results very poor

    • England play very boring football, it's like watching paint dry. Gerrard and Lampard can't play together, so why not stick Carrick or Kevin Nolan in with Gerrard. What's next Titus Bramble being called up or trying to convert Crouch into a goalkeeper?

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