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  • Andy Andy Feb 8, 2007 21:36 Flag

    England vs Spain: Your Verdict

    Typical game plan for England is as follows;
    Pass the ball around between defence for five passes and then hoof it hopefully forward. If it makes to an England player they slowly pass it too.
    Once within 30 yards of the goal boot it into the crowd or lose possession. (rarely do we score in these punts and we pretend that it was a great goal)
    Repeat until sixty minutes when there can be subs - like for like. Continue hopefully until the 78th minute and then introduce someone who actually RUNS at the other team. - Lennon (if fit), Downing, Cole (if fit)... The crowd gets excited we wonder why they didn't start and then it's all over. Next game - repeat plan A. Were the crowd entertained? - No. Do those exciting players get a chance -No, Do they then lose confidence - Yes.
    They make Scotland look good!

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    • Totally agree, it's like watching paint dry, McClaren's just a Sven continuation. Players show no passion about pulling on an England shirt - I wonder how many would play for their country if they had to play without pay. The FA should drop admission charges to England games also.