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    Should Becks be brought back?

    Do you think McClaren should bring Beckham back to the England squad? Has his recent form been good enough to warrant a place in the team? And if so, who should play in the midfield? He'll have to replace someone.

    Finally, will the other team members respond to his captaincy or should we assume that his captaining days are over even if he does get recalled?

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    • never i think becks should never be brought back cause hes an old fashion player.the day he moved from real madrid was his worst mistake ever he did by the he confused in the states all the times he has a injury problem meaning hes not settled until now so he shouldnt came back to the engkand national squad.

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      • I think that as long as Beckham is playing there is always potentially a place in the team for him, if not starting then definitely as an option from the bench.
        As an Englishman now living in the states I can tell you that the game over here is getting a lot more competitive and is played at a similar tempo to the English game at times. Granted there will be games in which the competition is not very high, but the tempo will maintain his fitness levels once he is playing regularly. Also, a great player doesn't lose any ability over time, and the level of play is not so far behind the rest of the world that he wont have to put forth any effort.
        Look at what he can bring as an alternate option for times of need. Great crosses, set pieces, good tackling, good engine (when playing regularly), good tracking back, great passing, the ability to retain the ball and dictate tempo, vision, enthusiasm, the will to win. All the things you want in a player. So there's no blistering pace and flying down the wing, but is that always needed. When you can drop a ball on a penny do you need to beat 10 players to do so?
        If Capello goes with Crouch, which I think he will as he likes a big man, especially one who can also play a little, then you need someone with Beckhams crossing ability to pick him out. Its all well and good having sir speedy run down the wing and bang it into the area in hope of it causing problems, but its better to have the ball swung onto Crouch's head for either a nod on goal, giant style acrobatics or knocking it down to a Rooney or Owen to bang it in.
        Put Beck's in there!

    • Who need Medicare with some urgency then??? Support is what David Beckam and the team needs to bring back the world cup...He is BACK!!! Troo loo doo

    • Steve Mac. should swallow his pride and accept that he got it all wrong in getting rid of Becks.

      Stand up take it like a man.Get some heart and passion back into the team.

      3 lions......Becks is one of em.

    • bloody hell you lot of wimps will be wanting bobby charlton and gary big ears oot of retirement as well soon lol

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      • even as a scot, i think beckham should be brought back. He offers the enland team something different and his quality of delivery is second to none. Wayne Rooney out and beckham then it should fall into place. England have too good a team not to play well and qualify its just a matter of time. The recent run of bad form cannot be blamed on McClaren but only on the players and there apparent lack of effort and heart.

    • Absolutely NOT!!
      For all his dead ball skills (and he had no others) he was the beginning of the current celebrity cult that has, and continues, the present England ineptitude. Beckham is the number one 'celebrity' as all the major England players either are or wish to be and with weak willed managers such as Sven and McClaren to indulge them as their pals instead of their boss it is little wonder those eager, willing and able and hungry to prove their worth wil never get in th team over the prima donnas who are selected day in day out irrespective of their performance - in short Becks played far too long when he should never have played at all and originated England's main reason why they cannot play today - the England football team is full of individuals incapable of acting as a team and led by someone who wants to be their pal and therefore incapable of managing them.

    • To be honest i was devestated when the muppet dropped Becks. Considering Englands performance since, i cannot fathom what he was thinking. Bending to prima donnas in the team can be the only valid excuse. Becks was never a top goal scorer, what he was, however, was fantastic in delivery. Every time anyone got into the goal area, Becks delivered it to their feet/head and i challenge anyone who disagrees that Becks is the best free kick taker we or possibly anyone has. So, in answer to your question, is there any doubt? but to be honest, if i was him, i would tell the #$%$ to stick it!

    • Yes, I strongly believe Bechkam deserves to come back in the national team. Also, he should get back his midfield position along with Steven Gerrard.

    • yep he is the only weapon we have left bring back golden balls asap

    • bring back becks back to put some experance back in the midflend

    • No, no and thrice NO!

      We should be preparing for the next world cup (starting from now) and such short term solutions should not be entertained. Beckham will not be around in 2010, and come the end of this season he's off to play MegaCelebritySoccerBall, in a totally uncompetitive league. He is effectively retiring - look at Henrik Larsson putting in a few months at Man U by comparison - and has been out of the Madrid side all year. He was mediocre at the world cup, although typically his contributions were rather photogenic, as was his cameo against bayern, has lost the little pace he had and his ambition. Plus what does this say to the rest of the team?

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