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  • colin p colin p Mar 29, 2007 15:43 Flag

    Same old England

    i am in agreement with you i think overpaid and over rated comes to mind they stand alone they are good players but can not play as a team and they need a better manager than steve mclaren to do so mind you he is a good 2nd string but not boss to play as a team they should make them sit and watch over and over again the 66 world cup team and the 2001 5-i defeat of germany overall this is not a good time to be sporting english cricket is not all that nor is rugby to delve even deeper is not inspiring i think he binned david beckham to quick i could go on for ever please F.A. wake up before it is to late and everyone say,s i told you so. a follower of football for 45 years a disenchanted west ham fan topman21655