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  • GAZBLADE74 GAZBLADE74 Aug 23, 2007 05:45 Flag

    christ!! are we really surprised??

    the day McClaren was appointed the clock went back 10 years! i do hope Keith Curle and Chris Woods are involved in the next squads!!

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    • All in all we were the better side but that's not saying too much as Germany are very average at present. It didn't look too bad a game simply because Germany play a british style that didn't need us to try and get the ball off them like most Continental sides.

      This was Lampards chance to make the midfield position his own as Gerrard was injured.He scored a good goal but over the 90mins he was poor.Mind you,we all know that if both fit they will both start against Isreal

      Smith will never bother top defences as long as he has the proverbial hole in his #$%$.

      Owen looked like he can score when he hets match fit,which was what the game was all about for him.

      Don't get me started on Beckham!

      Rio could have closed the shot for their 2nd goal down but stood a few yards 2far away and turned his back on the shot (didn't want to get hit in the face and spoil his looks!).My goodness he is a lazy player.

      Joe Cole played OK,it's always good when a player runs at defenders.

      What the hell was Beckham and SWP doing on the pitch at the same time!

      I honestly thought Barry looked assured in his limited time on the pitch.

      Robinson.....I would have subed him right after the 1st goal.And why is he playing anyway.One of our young keepers should have got a half a game to gain experience.We know what James and Robinson can do.......We don't like it but at least we know!

      I honestly think that despite most remaining games being at home,we will NOT be in the finals.

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      • England are the most overrated side on the globe. Players that people think are the best in the world because they play in the overpaid EPL.

        Terrible goalkeepers, medeocre left and right backs..one good CB (Terry) and one poor one (Ferdinand). Midfield players who (for the most part) would not get a game for any of the other top 10 FIFA ranked sides...and do not get me started with the strikers.

        Blame the coach if you want...but maybe you should focus on blaming the people that have too high opinion of the squad.

        Remember..the EPL is the best league in the world, despite the British players in it....not because of them. If you picked the best 11 of the EPL players, you would not get an Brit in there.