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    England vs Germany: Your Verdict?

    So England suffer yet another defeat. Did Germany outplay England or should England have come away with something?

    If you were Steve McClaren, what would you take from the game? What changes need to be made before the forthcoming Euro 2008 qualifiers? Who performed well and who should be dropped? What tactical alterations need to be made?

    Do England have what it takes to pull it together and qualify?

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    • I think that Germany was stronger than England not only because of their practice but because of their staff .
      If you will remember interview of coaches of both teams you'll understand it. But depite this facts i think that both of these teams meritorious competities

    • We will be lucky to qualify - even though it was just a friendly against Germany (a Germany B side by the way), I think we were struggling for ideas. If Israel or Russia are up for it at Wembley we'll be in real trouble and I just can't see us getting 3 points in Russia either. Owen missed two sitters against Germany but I still think his return could be vital - chances are going to be hard to come by.

    • the problem is when you've lost so many times to the Germans.....it becomes part of your mentality i.e. what you expect/consider to be normal. That's a difficult thing to change (it's a result of years of experience). Is there any hope in the long term ?

    • The problem with England is the team is not as good as everyone thinks. just because you have a good bunch of players doesn`t mean you have a good team. I don`t understand the fuss about beckman for me he`s never been more than a average player. But in England they don`t realise that and after you pay the price. Should you try young players wich are the future or stick with just names?

    • Being a Welshman living in Germany I was backing Germany. However, I would back England if they were not so arrogant every time they play against Germany. They put them selves under pressure by thinking that they are unbeatable. As for this guy called Beckham, he is the most overrated player ever. I thought McLaren made a good choice when he dropped him, do it again Steve.

    • well steve maclaren needs to broaden up his mind.joe was playing well but he substituted him.shaun-wright phillips was brought in so late in the game. he should have also understood beckham's sorry plight.

    • England dnt play well almost of the game, the only person who is responsibile for that is MClaren. Go home man you're not for England.

    • What a great start for England. The first nine minutes were very positive, we took the game to Germany and some like Cole and Richards started tearing Germany apart. The opening goal came as no surprise. BUT THEN immediately we started to showboat, passing around needlessly with not athought to attacking or ripping Germany apart as we had done. It was inevitable that the showboat passing would end in disaster, being played further back towards our penalty box.
      One minute after we had scored I could see what we were doing ( or rather not doing ) and after two minutes and that is about twelve minutes into the game I said that we were going to throw it away.

      Why do we always play square balls behind the wide player so that the receiving player has his back to goal and invarioubly is forced to retreat and pass back. Why do forward and midfield players of such skill race back to defence to collect the ball only to pass it straight back to the defender, Lampard and Beckham prime examples.

      I repeat what a great opening nine minutes, so was that management policy to retreat after scoring ( vulnerable time) or just plain gormless.

    • Both Germany and England played well, in my opinion. But honestly and even from the game England should have came away with the win against Germany. Leymann looked shaky in the net. Michael Owen and Kieron Dyer had the best chances at goal to put England either level at the end of time or even win by a goal. Tactical wise Steve McClaren should tell his squad to put the ball in the net. Finish what they started. Paul Robinson is a good keeper but taking him out of the squad isn't the best thing. I play keeper and you will always be known for your mistakes and not the great saves or anything that you've done in the past. England has what it takes to get through to Euro2008. Also, they playing against a great team and it was a friendly game.

    • england get a keeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      and strikers need to use the opportunities

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