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  • deecee deecee Aug 23, 2007 20:32 Flag

    England vs Germany: Your Verdict?

    I watched the game and quite honestly , you have to ask why bother with football at thinternational level: The footballers all earn vast salaries, but appear to have no zap/get/go or charachter to their performances. When you look at them playing, they all seem to have an air of despondency , and no motivation.
    perhaps thet have so much money, they feel they do not have to work any longer, but every sportsman kbow, you get back what you put in.
    I feel an entirely different approach, ALL different, therefore motivated players need pulling from the hat, and find a manager that has the vision, personality, knowledge and commitment , who CAN instill the proper attitude and mentality in the chosen players.
    The game last night was truly of an appalling quality.
    /We got exactly what we deserved: The German team did not even have to work very hard, I'll bet they were confused as to why we were so poor