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  • JoJ JoJ Aug 23, 2007 20:38 Flag

    England vs Germany: Your Verdict?

    I could see two major concerns about England last night:

    Firstly, the players didn't run off the ball enough for each other. There were too many times when an England player in possession had to stop his forward momentum and pass backwards because he had no fellow player moving off the ball around him for him to pass to. If you watch successful teams e.g Man united (no, i'm not a MU fan) you will see their success comes from the off the ball running

    Secondly, our strike force was inadequate - why was Michael Owen picked. We cant keep fooling ourselves that he is the player he was; and putting a player straight into the side who has started so few club games is just ridiculous. Last night he got knocked off the ball so easily, and added little to the performance. Defoe and Bent must be quite annoyed they didn't get a look in.