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  • Erik Hartberg Erik Hartberg Oct 9, 2007 22:43 Flag

    Should Big Mac Rest the Yellows?

    Or to make the title somewhat clearer: Should England manager Steve McClaren rest some of the players that are currently on a Yellow Card for the game against Estonia? You see, there's quite a few of them. They include Wesley Brown, Ashley Cole, John Terry, Joe Cole and Rio Ferdinand.

    Two great results last month seem to have given England a much-needed boost. Bearing in mind Estonia shouldn't really be the hardest side they play, would it be wise to rest certain yellow-carded players to ensure they play in the Euro '08 qualifier in Russia or the home game against Croatia?

    Who should start against Estonia?

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    • He should throw the towel in and give some one else a chance to pull round our fortunes,the players that earn mega bucks should have there #$%$ kicked if not talk to the lads that are left from the 1966 side that WON the world cup, they played with passion,not like this load of to much money prima donnas.............

    • Fat wallet? No No...he is a good manager and compare him to Mourinho? He is obviously a better manager. Mourinho got no eyes for talent, he snatched away every players wanted by the big 4. How much was the most expensive player bought by Sven? £8.8 million i guess on Rolando Biancchi? He came to ManCity 1 mth before the start of the 07/08 season and look at how they perform now? But I still confuse how can you call a national team when your manager is a foreigner? Rather stupid to be honest!

    • it's of no use at all...even if he play the B-team, and Russia wins their remaining games...its still game over England. :(

    • mac should rest himself!!! with all the tallent we have in this country it is appaling that every time the chips are down we fail to deliver.Let the players play,origionally it was about flair,genius,and most of all a deep felt desire to win.we dont breed winners now,we breed super fit robots!!!! where is all the REAL passion???? gazza cleveland

    • England should sack that stupid ginner and try and get a real football manager/ Its a shame that england will have to lose and go out before we sack the idiot. Lets hope the rugger will give us something to smile about!

    • Andy,
      I'm not a Forest fan, but I still have and will always have that image in my mind of the passion Stuart showed after scoring that penalty for England. That says it all for me, a blueblooded passionate Englishman that cares for his country. Whether that is enough time would only tell, but his infectious enthusiasm would surely rub off onto the players,and lets face it, he couldn't do much worse than the current coach could he?????.

      Perhaps Big Sam with Stuart understudy, good partnership there I think....................

    • As a Forest fan ("Come on you Reds!!!") - yes I'd like to see Stuart Pearce given the chance at some point - whether that should be now or in the future sometime I'm not really sure

    • I do not think there is need to play them against Estonia because there are a lot of good English players in the prmiership who can replace them afterall its just Estonia which England can walk over except McClaren has ran out of ideas.That guy needs to be sacked! He is no coach.

    • Hew should sack them all for losing against Russia. They have six hundred times the salary of Russians. Six hundred and they cannot beat them. Sack them then pick a proper team.

    • McClaren Should rest the whole team from the performance I whatched.
      Problem who do you play instead we got most of the world playing in our domestic football he would be hard pushed to field an England B team

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      • McClaren has only ever been a number 2, and not a good one at that......get rid of him now !!!
        Bring in Stuart Pearce a man with passion for England and not money.
        Players are picked on club form, why play them out of position for the country, and then complain when they don't play well.
        What have we got to lose !!! play some of the youngsters who are eager to show some guts
        and push the so called regulars out

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