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  • Erik Erik Oct 22, 2007 19:20 Flag

    Bye bye Big Mac?

    England will blatantly struggle to qualify for Euro 2008. A victory over Croatia is of course required but Russia's two remaining games will also have an impact.

    How much of this is down to McClaren's tactics/management? Should he be replaced and if so by whom?

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    • i thjink we should stick with an englishman that will show heart in defeat as well as victory someone with passion and good knowledge of the game been there and done it and has no ego trip for him -self and the team my name to throw into the hat is steve coppell look what he has done with all the non discripted teams he has managed plus he was a great red!

    • To some extent I agree with what you are saying. England have excellent individual players, I don't need to name them all (I'm sure you know who they are) The only problem is putting these individuals together. The manager needs to work out which players gel well and works well together and which ones don't.

    • harry would be the best candidate for the job.the blokes a genius

    • I don't believe that McLaren was ever the right man for the job. If we were so aghast (at the time) at Sven's reign, why did we pick his number 2, who was doing nothing at Middlesborough, despite spending loads?
      We are a distinctly overrated side, though. The media leads us to believe that we are better than we are!

    • I think MOURINHO is a right choice.everybody knows that england player have their egos.and of course.........diffrents egos and lots of egos.and everybody knows there's only ONE manager can control so much of egos.ok,i'm ENGLAND fan,i don't like MOURINHO, but i think he can solved this team problem.at least............... who agree with me????? any one?????

    • Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships. Get Lippi and you will see a whole different english team.

    • it's because u r not ENGLAND fan.that why u say that.i think,u talk RUBBISH!!!!!!

    • take MOURINHO.Case Close.why? mclaren does't have an experience to take charge on national team.this is ENGLAND!!!!! not BORO.

    • Mac is a nice bloke I am sure,but simply not up to the job.Alladryce is an excellent motivator and surrounds himself with an excellent back room and specialist coaches.He should get his chance now.

    • Steve Mac has really showed us some fantastic pickings at times but i must say he is not the one to take england to the next level. I think his biggest down fall is the fact that he doesn't learn from his mistakes especially by picking Paul Robinson on several occassions when he should have picked someone who was and is in form like david James. England has so many talents but if the wrong mix is made the football looks below standard. If i was to pick someone for the job i would look for someone who has a better understanding of the tactical game as well as how the players play. lampard and Gerrad all play good worldclass football but if the are not ticking when they play together the coach must switch them so that we can get the maximum performance from them. At the end of the day if these player don't wi games it hard for them because they know how good they are but we can't always blame them for not creating chances or scoring because three days of camp sometimes is not enough to cement a partnership. Our premier leage clubs play so well because the players have trained so many time that they know what the other player is doing withiout even looking at him. If we get someone who knows that tactical aspect of the english players then England can be unstoppable and we wouldn't have to wait for favours from others just to qualify for tournaments.

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