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  • JB JB Oct 31, 2007 08:38 Flag

    Bye bye Big Mac?

    If (and when) England fail to qualify for Euro "08, then it's perhaps time that a new manager is brought in and he is "instructed" by the F.A. to begin building for the future with a young team, just like Fergie did with M.U. (and this takes time guys!) Only one or two of the "old" heads should be involved initially, until the youngsters manage to get it together. All the young guys would probably die for the chance to wear the national jersy and that seems to be something that's severely lacking today!

    I blame the English press for bumming the team up to such ludicrous proportions in the first place, and then deflating them when they get beat, or get a draw... even right in the middle of a tournament! I mean, how stupid can you get?! If you really want your team to acieve greatness.... do yo think that kicking their arse publicly 1/2 way a tournament is in any way productive? NO! But it sells newpapers, right?