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  • JB JB Oct 31, 2007 08:18 Flag

    Bye bye Big Mac?

    Shoot ALL of your English football pundits who work for the BBC, ITV. 5Live, Sun. Mirror, Express et al, as these stupid numbnuts, who sit on their fat #$%$ for living, just love to build up England's chances to absolutely stupid proportions prior to any game that they are due to play. The end result being that the (general) public seem to think that as long as England manage to show up on the pitch, the game is as good as won! As a Scotsman, I was actually outraged that the Sun newpaper managed to get away with printing that "Turnip Taylor" article without being sued for every penny the tw*ts have! (Mind you, how the Scots laughed at that one!) Now, after #$%$ like that, and the #$%$ you guys gave Sven, (It's apparently your turn now Steve!) how many top class managers do you really believe are queing up to take this #$%$ job and open themselves to upthat kind of #$%$!