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  • Erik Erik Nov 22, 2007 23:53 Flag

    Bye Bye Big Mac - Now, Who's Next?

    Yeah, well said Reefed. I'd only really add to that the fact that those points you lay out probably can't be done properly by the FA as it currently stands. So i'd like to add point no 5: Replace the FA. Perhaps bring in someone who's able to lead a massive organisation properly but who also knows a thing or two about football.

    Not really certain who. Any suggestions?

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    • What about Dave Wheelan for the FA....knows how to run a HUGE organisation (JJB) and has been touted as someone who knows his football.

    • The blame lies with the FA totally their to far detracted from the jo public aka average supporter. they have to much say about what clibs should and shouldnt be doing half the names on the FA board no-ones heard of.

      WHO decides whos in or out its not the people who matter ie the supporters. Even these foreign investors forget THIS game was created by the people not sum genius busnessman. If everyone voted with their feet just for one saturday english football would return to where it started with the general public. not money grabbers or the FA.

      Its hard working supporters who fill stadiums and people forget that. This country needs to realise we are not this devine squad called england were average at best cos we tolerate a useless FA and money orientated players.

      get back to basics and play with passion and pride NOT pounds.

      and get rid of bonuses you shouldnt benefit from playing crap.