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  • geezer geezer Nov 22, 2007 19:31 Flag

    pathetic england

    no spirit,no organisation,and poor defending led to englands failure in next yrs european championships,in austria/switzerland,,.mclaren deserves the sack _no doubt_also the players who wore that england jersey should also never play for the team again,they showed themselves to be ordinary players_with no commitment to the cause,.israel gave england a lifeline!!!
    playing such a vital game at home_and only playing crouch up front in the first half spelt dissaster from the moment the whistle started for the match,.its clear to all english supporters alike
    the currant set-up is outdated we need to bring in a world class coach,ive herd names like mourinio
    could be offered the vacancy_perfect!!!!!!
    but the f.a should also take full responsability to the position england find themselves, brian barwick should also resign_they made mistakes
    therfor they should walk away from there position as head of the f.a and appoint trevor brooking to lead england under a new regime,.
    instead next summer i will b chillin out on the beach somewhere in thailand,.because of the inept performance of the so called england stars who earn to much money_and dont ware that shirt with pride_these players should not get paid to play international football it should be a privledge_these players let the nation down and this morning should be hiding away in there tiny non existant lifes_steve from cardiff-originally from london

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