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  • vailsy vailsy Dec 15, 2007 00:49 Flag

    Who is this Paul Parker?

    is he the real life spider-man? or is he yet another under qualified media pundit who wants to make a name for himself by trashing our national game?

    i am getting absolutely fed up with the involvement and influence that the media has over football. they are able to hound potential managers to the point where they do not want to take on the role of england boss, pressure players, and make embarrassing statements that taint the assignment of a new manager

    reading this Paul Parker's comments made me feel ill. it's an embarrassment to me as an English citizen to hear this individual talking about 'foreigners' etc etc in such a boring and meaningless way. i take my hat off to Mourinho for having the good sense, as i knew he would, to walk away

    since this guy has been so up close and personal with our new manager... I'd love to delve a little into Mr Parker's background. Is Parker's aimless rant about 'foreigners' anything to do for example with the fact that he recently received a letter from a 'foreigner' announcing he was going to be axed from QPR?

    personally i'd prefer to see a foreigner who knows something about the game doing his job and writing his columns. Then this joker, a self professed football 'expert', can p^ss off back to the post football wilderness that he came from

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    • Nice article.

      I am personally fed up with the xenophobic attitude of football pundits who seem to think that we can't actually learn something from foreign influence.

      We live in a globalized world now, what England represents now is not what it once represented. Actually supporting England really doesn't mean much at all, I just do it because it represents a narrative through my life - it's a habit. Why don't they just have a new Bosman rule to allow foreign players to play for England? Who actually even cares about where the players are born? What does it even mean anymore?

      I could care less who manages the England team and people will be much happier if we qualify for the world cup with a foreign manager than if we don't with an English one. It's just nice to see the team I have always supported winning irrespective of where the players or their fathers and mothers or whatever are born.

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      • thanks for your reply Donald..

        i actually wouldn't go quite that far. I strongly believe that a national side means just as much as it did thirty, fifty and more years ago and that definitely the players should be from the nation in question

        what mostly irritates me is how media people in the u.k just want to drag our sports and sports people down on a regular basis. really the tabloids and tabloid style press we have is a national disgrace. and more foreign to me than our new manager for sure

        this Parker bloke really should put a sock in it. i would especially expect a 'man of colour' to exercise a little more caution and tact when it comes to labeling people as outsiders or foreigners... perhaps he should think about some unpleasant encounters, racist or nationalist slurs, that he might have encountered in the past on or off the pitch. then he should seriously rethink what he has just very publicly said.

        i think his comments are mindless