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    So here we are again, England struggling to come to terms with how they could possibly draw against a team ranked above them!. It amazes me how english fans seem to have this #$%$ divine right to win everything attitude towards football. Linekar et al sitting there scratching there heads after every game as to how they could possibly draw or dare i say it lose to mere mortals of football. GET OVER IT GUYS YOU ARE DEEPLY AVERAGE AS A INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM!!. You just scrape through to euro 2004 after bechams 20th attempt from a free kick in the same position against greece ( the same team that went on to win it) WC 2006 a flop, then to top it off u cant even qualify out of a lets face it easy group for euro 2008. Greece proved in 2004 that you dont need a team of individual superstars to win a campaign, but a group of players with great respect and friendship for each other coupled with the right coach and formation/system. none of the above apply to england. I also feel england as a whole show deep disrespect towards there opponents by thinking there better, then when you get humbled and beaten there is this almost like murder investigation/inquest into how this was possible, pathetic!. You are not the only team on the face of the planet that can play football guys, and there is a massive difference between expectation and unrealistic hubris. Englands only saving grace now is an actual world class manager after ten years of #$%$, that could have the potential to take england somewhere. He will hopefull reign in your pampered spoilt immature players who have unrealistic masively inflated egos of how good they are. your only as good as your last game guys.

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    • I can never understand the pathetic, childish, unprofessional, racist comments from those things north of Hadrians Wall. England might not be the best team ever. But at least they ARE better than any National Scottish Football Team and that is a FACT!
      So, to all you moaning heathens North of Hadrians Wall..........................Shut Up & Grow Up.

    • Some fair points but you have to remember that the #$%$ you see and hear in the tabloids and on #$%$ tv do not reflect the views of the vast majority of English football followers. We as individuals are not arrogant that is only media portrayal- just like the media portrays Scots as winging, jealous drunks- just not so is it mate.

    • Scottish fans are the most racist in the world.
      Grow up little boys.

    • scotland what a load of shitbags

    • Yawn. Another boring scot on the wind-up. How many mindless generalisation and conjecture can you fit in one badly constructed sentence? e.g. "England show a great disrespect to THEIR opponents". What? Says who? A small-minded jock with a colonial chip on his shoulder? Nice to see though that, after a summer of you lot reminding us that we didnt qualify for the euros (despite not qualifying for anything yourself for over ten years), normal service has been resumed. There's only so long you can go on about beating a (below aveage) france side. Although you did need something new too brag about. Archie Gemills goal in the 78 world cup was wearing a bit thin.
      Talk about the scottish cringe. Get over your inferiority complex.

    • The worst was after England got knocked out of Euro 2008 after embarassing all the fans who went to Wembley,etc and BECKHAM said 'It's only a game'.
      How patronising is this pillock!
      He should have said this before the game so that all them people who paid to see it would have known what he thought about those who have made him what he is!
      'Only a game', yes and it's given him a very comfortable life!
      What a Wan*er he is! He only gives a #$%$ about himself not the team!
      He'll try and beat the caps record and he'll be off!
      I'm an England fan and the only good thing about us not winning the last couple of World Cups was that we'll never have to put up with the image of him lifting the cup for the rest of our lives!! Man that image would have been rammed down our throats forever!
      Let someone with proper heart earn that!

    • True that, the rangers fans did let scotland down in manchester, but our national teams supporters are flawless in every way. the tartan army are a complete polar opposite to the small minority of english fans who drag your national game through the mud!

    • Got to agree with your sentiments. I hope the players can redeem themselves in the coming games. Footie is supposed to a working class game, but the icons are all millionaires who forgot where they come from. They must hate the lower life forms who fuel their god-like status, always pestering them for autographs and singing their names, how annoying.
      I wish that the superstars would just try to be honest and respect the fans and set a good example to the folk who fund their lifestyle. Don't feel sick and stick in a transfer request when someone offers you 50k per week, think how much you need.
      England players should get their heads down and work together, then at least the fans will feel represented by heroes, win, lose or draw.

    • SCOTTY DOG - You are a stupid racist man.I hope #$%$ like you don't come to Holland for a holiday.We don't need #$%$ like you idiot.

    • Let's us remember who distributed the game globally. England is a country that loves Football. The players that make it through to the English squad are of the utmost talent, raw skill, and DRIVE to be the best. Unfortunately, lack of training as a unit (something Greece had plenty of in 2004) has led to Englands downfalls as international greats, not to mention injuries - but all national teams contend with injuries. Under a world class coach now, Fabio Capello, England has a legitamate chance at finding its best formation for years to come. It may be 4-4-2, 4-3-2-1, or even 4-2-4 which I personally prefer and feel English players can play in. (Yes, they are that good) If you see them play individually compared to Spanish and Italian greats you will see identical skill and smarts with the ball. Coaching and formation play is key, not to mention playing time as a unit, to winning a campaign. John Terry, Owen Hargreaves, and Joe Cole all understand this and if you listen to their comments, they are pushing the English players to start thinking 2010 world cup glory. Wayne Rooney is the only immature player on the squad currently. We all know this - I agree with you all. He is not as good as Man U. player, Ronaldo. However, Theo Walcott has the potential along with Defoe! Put Rooney on the bench and get Owen alongside Defoe / Walcott - That would be nice to watch. Anyhow, England may not beat Croatia this September, maybe they will. As long as the national team is competative and can qualify for world class Football, you cannot expect more. If they make it to glory - so be it, party on!!! We all know England has the skill and technique - but they need a system to play in, and they need compradory amoung each other - something they are getting now. Watch. They are going to be a fun side to watch over the next 18 months.

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