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  • mike mike Oct 12, 2008 17:23 Flag

    worse fans in football

    you excel yourselves again.you boo robinson.neville,beckham,lampard,scholes,cole barnes in the past.is it the C O C Kney thing cause i dont remember it happening on the tour when wembly was being built.what ever the reason YOU think is acceptable im telling you its NOT. you so called fans need to take a lesson in support from your scot,welsh and irish neighbours.is it an ego thing .like you win 1 world cup in an era where football was hardly truely global.i.e western europe and a few s american teams,you feel that you should be a true global force?if it is then the arrogance astounds me.i wouldnt be surprised that the outstanding performance in croatia was due to the fact that the neaderthal home support (who probably only learned to walk upright that morning)was absent and the true and worthy england fans were there to give proper support.

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    • It costs the 60 million population of the UK £40 Million a Day to be in European Union".
      (£234 a head)

      "It costs the 5 million population of SCOTLAND £32 Million a Day to be in the UK Union - in oil and gas revenues alone" (£2300 a head)

    • Yes for slating the national side, which makes us no better than the english media

    • another scot

    • Scotland definitely.They played in my country this year & are drunk idiots like their playes.At first we welcome them but then they offend us.
      My girlfriend had to listen to them saying stupid things to her.They stink of beer and singing bad songs.I hope they don't come here again but probably will.

    • Totally agree!!! Remember Bannockburn!!!! Easy!! Easy!!!

    • Well in fairness that's largely true - really annoys me when fans boo, it's like a modern equivalent of public stoning and neanderthals pretty much some's up some 25% of the fans at Wembley - suspiciously close to Arsenal? Lampard and Cole being booed?

      As for taking a lesson from the Scottish Irish and Welsh, who have to compare like for like - Italians Spanish and French who are hard on their teams too. Ideally we'd have the support smaller teams enjoy but in truth it's easy to cheer relentlessly when you justifiably have no expectations, as you have nothing to lose. Clearly England are not in that league, on paper we are world class.

      Maybe Capello can move it from paper to grass.

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      • England Football Team have world class players, players that foreign teams are very eager to buy because of their relentless skills on the pitch.
        Football is a money making bussiness, the players get paid pretty heftly to represent their country, back in 1966 this was not the case, we had world class players but the difference was they were truly honoured to wear the England Shirt for peanuts because they were proud to be part of it all. Maybe if the players nowadays were told there would be no fee just for playing, they would be paid on a match by match basis, bonus if they score/save penalty, if they get to semis another bonus, so on until the final and a huge bonus for winning.
        Until that time, fans who spend their hard earned money on tickets to py the footballers oversized pay packet have a right to moan or Boo, for if we weren't doing our jobs to best of our abilities then the #$%$ hits the fan.
        Lay off the fans it's what keeps the players in the luxury they are accustomed to.

    • Another rant from another scot with a chip on his shoulder no doubt. Embarrasses to comment on the football? talk about the fans - the usual scot tactic. Over expectation is not a bad thing - it just means we are not happy to just be making up the numbers, unlike certain nations. We are all too aware that we are not a world force in football, but there's nothing wrong wanting to be. The mindless optomism characteristic of teams like scotland only creates the "happy loser" mentality