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  • Alfie's Girl Alfie's Girl Feb 22, 2010 20:08 Flag

    Figure Skating-anti-European?

    It's becoming clear to me that these Olympics are being judged against the European skaters.
    Were Delobel & Shoenfeder really that bad?.
    Are Domina & Shabolin insulting the Aboriginal people with their original dance?. And if so, why are people not saying that Davis & White are insulting the Indian people with theirs?.
    Are Virtue & Moir on their way to winning an Olympic Ice Dance title bacause they are Canadian in a Canadian Olympics?.
    Europe could come away from these games with just one silver & two bronze.
    I can't remember them doing that bad ever before.

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    • Alfie it had a word missing it was not directed at you sorry

    • Alfie it was directed at you its just me telling everyone that I have seen & heard enough negative things coming from the media & press & I never said anyone was influenced by anything they said.

      I am going to leave it at that but I have enjoyed talking with you & others but I am not Anti-European my mother & lots of my family are European & I do have issues with French & American but I dont class them all the same there is always going to be bad & good judging but I am 30 & thats how long my mom has watched the Olympics & she told me this always happens not everyone can be pleased & find it fair.

      Take care.

    • Nikki M, I was not talking about Kim.I think she is a class above the rest in this event. I was however talking about the poor judging. It is not about my being influenced by the media (I have a mind of my own). It's about the sport I love becoming a popularity contest rather than a skating one.
      The judging in the ladies event so far has made no sense.
      And as for your comment about taking part. Try telling that to the skaters who have worked so hard only to be told by the judges 'Sorry you are not one of my favourites, so you will not do as well as you should'.
      I'm not anti-American, I'm pro fair marking !

    • I am not going to say a thing, before someone says thank god for that please don't bother lol, plus I dont bother with spelling grammar or punctuation I am typing fast got no time for it.

      But I am so fed up of negative media negative press they cause the viewers & readers to become negative & its getting me down.

      But I like who is in Gold & she is great.

      I am Canadian & I would like to quote one thing what the Olympics is all about, Its not the winning its about taking part & coming together of ALL NATIONALITIES UNDER ON FLAG IN PEACE.

    • What evidence are you referring to?

    • That is very undemocratic of you.

    • I can't honestly say anything as I have always believed that the ladies short judging has never ever (pursuant to the old or the new system) been easy to understand....some were always given better marks than others (and I never thought it had anything to do with their nationality)...for instance Kostner has always been lucky in that sense, she is well liked by judges and fans and it helps...however things (for the most part) seem to work themselves out later on...hence everything is still possible.

    • Was Gedvanashvilli robbed?.
      The judging for the ladies short programe was awful.
      Two American ladies in the top six. How strange(!).
      One of the main events at the Olympics for US TV will have two of it's skaters in the final group.How did that happen?.
      How did Flatt who under roatated on her solo jump & Nagasu who had an easier programe get better marks than Gedvanashvili who landed a triple triple combination, had one of the most difficult step sequence's & had a great personality out there, get placed behind?
      And before you all say I'm anti-American can I just say that Kostner who had a bad solo jump was VERY lucky to get the score she got but most of all how did Lipisto get almost the same mark as Gedvanashvili with a triple double combination, a slip in the step sequence & combination spin?!.
      And last, Joannie Rochette is such a brave girl, one of the finest skates of her life but was she really so far ahead of Ando?.
      It looks like the judges have made their mind up already.

    • You can "bore" us to death with something we love as well :)

    • Ah yes they always are so fresh and a joy to watch....they probably would have been if it was not for that mistake before the free....it is strange how one always feels this it - they will finnaly move up and then it doesn't happen....

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