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  • Gary Gary Feb 25, 2010 12:41 Flag

    This olympics has been one big fix

    The canucks and the yanks have definitely been shown favouritism wih some dodgy referee decisions, and the time events have also been very suspect. And as for the BBC's coverage, well that is even more pathetic than Eurosport. Graham Bell has to be the worst presenter on TV.. all this creepy loser ever talks about is his supposed drinking "buddy" Bode Miller.. and there was me thinking the reporters were meant to remain impartial.. what a joke!

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    • think when it comes to the games the more money you throw at it the better you'll do, i know there are quite a few african runners who wouldnt agree but i'm afraid to a degree money buys medals

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      • Not to be rude and knock Canada's success but the way the media were making a deal about their record 14 medals you would think that Canada have been the biggest Winter Olympic superpower since 1924 in Chamonix. I have to point out several things and the first thing is that at the Vancouver Olympics there were more medals up for grabs than any previous Winter Olympics. Compare this to the Soviet Union back when they won 13 golds at the Innsbruck 1976 Winter Olympics nearly three decades ago when there was something like only 40% of todays medals up for grabs. To win 14 golds on your home turf after spending $100 million on an "Own The Podium" programme is special but to win 13 golds at a foreign Winter Olympics with only 37 golds available nearly 30 years earlier is something on an entirely different level.

        All you have to do is look at Canada's two previous home Olympics to understand the bigger picture. This time around Canada knew they had to make sure they broke the home gold drought or they would look very silly, hence the $100 million "Own The Podium" programme. I will bet my bathtub that Canada don't own the podium in Sochi in four years time. Sorry if this message comes off as a little critical or jealous but it's just my point of view. The reason I have so much venom in this comment is because I got a bit tired of seeing a lot of Canadians spouting about how much better than everybody they are while history tells a different story:

        1.) Norway 303
        2.) United States 253
        3.) Austria 201
        4.) Soviet Union 194
        5.) Germany 190
        6.) Finland 156
        7.) Canada 145

        If Canada want to be viewed as one of the very top Winter Olympic nations they will have to earn it by dominating a Winter Olympics on foreign soil. Overall Though I really enjoyed the games in Vancouver.

    • So if Team GB wins more than 19 Gold 13 Silver 15 Bronze & do what China did that year of 2008 which was 51 Gold 21 Silver 28 Bronze then they did it fair & square ok. By the way I am Canadian & I dont really care how many medals Canada wins as if you know a thing about the true meaning of the Olympics you will find its about taking part & doing your best. But I find that all the IOC members from around the world are being called cheats so you that say this are calling your own country men cheats well done.

      But so no-one gets upset with my comments can I also remind you that I have English Dutch & Canadian Family & I do support them ALL & I also support the under dogs.

      Daniel G keep it real as you have made it clear the media & those easily led will howl cheats again because they dont have a clue about fair they just want certain people to win & if they dont then its been a fix.

    • Thank you for the illumination! I won't waste any time in contradicting you, I cannot wait to see the amazing gold medal haul Team GB will gather - of course if any other country does dare to turn up and win, the good British media and those easily led will howl cheats again....

    • The bob-sleigh timed events were definitely fixed for the Canadians and Yanks to do well in, as was the iceskating and some downhill events.. basically all the timed events these sneaky Canucks could cheat in, and get away with it. Don't worry though because in 2012 you will see a fair and cheat-free olympics in London and if the UK do well in the medal table it will be because we won fair and square.. thank you.

    • Eurosport has the same love affair with Bode Miller and other US athletes - male and female. Far more commentary time is given to them and they are more often than not referred to on first name terms.

    • Really? You seriously suggest that some sort of 'fix' is on?

      Do you have any concept of how the various Olympic events is judged and run? Do you realize that each sport controls and appoints its own international officials.

      In order for there to be a 'fix', each event and each sport governing body would need to be in on it. It's an idiotic idea. Did the UK curlers have to deal with rings that suddenly changed shape to suit their opponents? Or perhaps aliens used tractor beams to pull opposing stones closer to the button?

      Give your head a shake. Try to ignore the rattling sound.

    • Seriously.... quit being a hater that the UK isn't the #1 medal winner at this point. This tirade about dodgy decisions, and the time events sounds like nothing more than jealousy. Get over it!!!