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  • Nikki M Nikki M Mar 4, 2010 06:30 Flag

    This olympics has been one big fix

    Hi I am Canadian & I just wanted to point one thing out it was the media and press who made a hype about the amount of medals etc & if you watched from here in the UK the only 2 channels showing the games was British EuroSports & BBC2 that was where I heared about this thing to do with amount of medals plus take into account it was other nations who where to blame to do with going on about when Canada host the olympics & also to blame going on about Canada's past olympic games I am not saying SOME CANADIAN PEOPLE HAVE NOT but if you go onto some other sites that have mainly Yanks you will find they are the ones who always go on about being the best its part of there ways & its a major part of how they are brought up but NOT ALL YANKS, like any country you have your good & your bad but you should take the bad with the good it does not make them bad people its just apart of there personality & it might be the part that winds you up, please forgive me for spellings.

    I am giving my view & I accept yours. I just hope that the media & press will some day stop this negative attitude as it gives the wrong message & creates a bad taste between viewers & message board users.

    I am going to give an example, did you see the interview with the Dutch bobsleigh coach, they asked him if he agreed with people that the track was to dangerous & that they where doing the right thing, he answered with one question, ok 2 years ago where was you and the world press (I can't remember the name of the event) when the track at this place in the practice runs 17 overturned then by the end over 37 had overturned & that was even more faster than this track, there was no reply. He then added that this track was not as fast as some & that when you go into these types of sports you do it with the knowledge its not a safe sport and things like this will & can happen.

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    • Yes I appreciate and I know what you are saying. The media play a very important part in creating peoples perceptions of the world. Canadians have a right to be proud and I know not all Canadians stuff everybody with their gloating but through the media that is the picture that came across.

      Yes there were clearly some media agencies who were out to destroy the games and Canada's imagine by constantly posting negative headlines and take peoples focus off the real events. Yes it is very tragic about what happened to Nodar Kumiritashvili and he will never be forgotten and unfortunately the 2010 Olympics will always be linked with this death but as you point out the media made things so much worse, just like they do with any dramatic headline.