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  • Jo Jo Mar 2, 2010 01:19 Flag

    closing ceremony comentators

    I really enjoyed the closing ceremony. Only one thing spoilt it....... I don't know their names but the Brit and Canadian woman comentators on BBC2. Don't they ever stop talking!! It came to the performers/bands and that was it... They stated this will show the world the variety of musicians Canada has to offer, ok fair game... But.. With all the ones they liked they said nothing and stayed quiet.. But come the ones with some oomph like Hedley etc (ie the last 4 performers shown on BBC2) and it was non stop rubbish talking which had nothing to do with the ceremony or performers. I wanted to listen to the music as had never heard of them and they sounded good and I never got the chance.

    Come on guys at BBC give the viewers a break and let us actually hear what's going on. Or is that too much to ask?!?!

    As for the actual Olympics, I loved it and think Canada did a great job!! :)

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