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  • peter c peter c Aug 31, 2008 19:14 Flag

    LCFC Fans from all over the world....

    A call to all city fans from where ever you are to get behind the team in their push back up to the Championship and up to the promised land. show your support by saying where you are from and write a few lines of support.

    this is coming from a city fan in Japan.

    Up the blue army!


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    • Hi Pete, you should be here in Leicester, its the best start we have had for years.

    • I have followed the City for many years now, through the Little and O'neil era's.
      Like all City fans, we should mainly be proud of our club, punching above our weight on many occasions, delivering results beyond our "on paper team squad".

      We have witnessed poor director selection starting a few years ago, when the "promising" U-21 coach came in and splurged far too much hard earned on un worthy players, sending us into a nose dive of form and results.

      From where we start this season, we need to give them our all, I will continue to be 'singing the blues', all the way from Sydney.

      Good start boys, keep up the good work!!