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  • Paul Genney Paul Genney Jun 23, 2005 19:50 Flag

    Park - Another Turkey?

    I hope as much as any fan that that this guy is going to be a class player, and having watched him a couple of times this season he looks the part. Is anyone else slightly worried that he is another Kleberson or Djemba-Djemba though? Good elsewhere but not at United. Fergie has a history of buying these guys.

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    • i think he will be good but he needs a decent long run look at forlan and wonder wat he could have done with a long run in the side

    • the guy was really dangerous for PSV last season in the champions league- causes a bit of panic around the box.. i think hes a good buy personally. Time will tell... alex has bought very badly in the past. He's not even close to wenger in terms of spotting talent keeping in mind what his team really requires. I think Mourinho is pretty cr*p as well top be honest when it comes to buying guys... he seems to be just going for whatever big names there are. Its mostly bull anyway...

    • http://www.e-car.co.kr/pds/download.asp?filename=wesong2.wmv

      park, pvs special

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      • Park is no turkey, in the games iv seen for psv he is a single minded very very fit player who would probably fit into any side, the real question is his skill abilities he is no ryan giggs, yes he is fitter but he seems to lack a real eye for goal with rooney and ronaldo the only "flare" players left in the side perhaps fergie will realise the signing of ballack is crucial for us to compete this year.

    • Park will come through. He is a quick player and I suspect Fergie will use him as a super sub like he used to do with Ole Gunner S. Park has great pace and with his upper body strength, can't be knocked around by defenders. Just wait and see, the boy from Korea will set the park on fire.

    • From what I saw of him last season he seems to have a chance. After all he has played at the highest level - World Cup & Champions League semi-final.

      He differs greatly from Kleberson in that he is not a natural flair player. He has a "good engine" and covers lots of ground during a game. Whether he has the knack of knowing where the net is only time will prove.

      Djemba-Djemba was never given a proper run in the side. He had a couple of decent games but others were very poor. Not sure he has what it really takes although I enjoyed watching him kicking Vieira and Campbell in the Community Shield !!!

      Give Park time. See where Fergie plays him, he is versatile. He will be good for Glazer in building more of a fan base in the Far East. Maybe that was another reason he was bought. The more ways Glazer can reduce the club's debt without selling our best players and hiking up our season ticket costs the better as far as I am concerned.

      If Park figures in the current starting eleven I would be very surprised. We will have to see what happens with Roy, Paul, Cristiano and Ryan, injury free they play most weeks so opportunities in midfield may be limited.

    • Well, today Fergie was talking about Smith being a ready made replacement for Keane. I'm not sure if it will actually happen, but I think it couldn't hurt to try. Smith has got that die hard grit and determination that United is looking for right now. I can also see him as a very loyal player...www.SoccerGossip.com

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      • Park will be ok...... but we do need a proper replacement for keane and looking aorund I dont see many people to fit the bill. Gerrard, Viera and Keane have been the best in there positions for the last few years.

        I want Alex to send some real money on Gattuso from Milan instead of wasting it on Park and the like...... Gattuso is a hard tackling player with fire in his belly.... thats who we need ....

    • There's a lot of talk about this but I think the main point is we need to find the successor to Robson and Keane in the middle of the park and NOW. Not to mention Scholsey. That's where we lost out last season and until we deal with it we're gonna get stuffed by well organised, passing teams in the middle, especially in Europe. We need someone of Gerrard or Viera's quality who can play box to box AND boss the team. And we need it now. Sorry Keano. You're the heart and soul of the team but you can no longer play every game at that pace. It's nice to have someone they think will be a replacement for Giggsy but that is not where we really need reinforcement - the centre is. No-one knows this better than Fergie as witnessed by his purchases of Veron, Kleberson, Djemba Djemba, Liam Miller, et al these last few years. What's the deal? Why was there no bid for either Gerrard or Viera?

    • Djemba Djemba was supposed to bleed Manchester United, he didn't do anything. Kleberson has been injured and ineffective and I'm sure he'll be shipped off once United gets a decent price for him. Park, well he looked good in the CL, lets wait and see...www.SoccerGossip.com

    • Just a thought, couldnt UTD have played a Turkey at left back and saved the money...?

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      • If they play a "Turkey" at the left back, then their defense would be weak, and as a result, they can't defend the goal. I think UTD should have bought a skilled, cheap, experienced midfielder that can at least replace Roy Keane because he is aging in one sense. Another option is to sell Scholes and maybe get a high caliber midfielder,( ex. Ballack) and sell Rio... Since Heinze can fill Rio's position, Fergie might get Ballack and sell Rio to Real Madrid for a high-jacked price. Then, there would be enough extra money to grab another OK defender to permanently fill Heinze's spot. As for Park, he can fill in Scholes place and this would make the team more athletic and young mixed with some experience.

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