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  • Soccer Soccer Jul 14, 2005 13:57 Flag

    Park - Another Turkey?

    Djemba Djemba was supposed to bleed Manchester United, he didn't do anything. Kleberson has been injured and ineffective and I'm sure he'll be shipped off once United gets a decent price for him. Park, well he looked good in the CL, lets wait and see...www.SoccerGossip.com

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    • ive never seen kleberson not miss or scuff a shot,and djemb djemba was pretty crap with ball control

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      • in terms of working rates, skills etc, park could be fine. i'd been watching his game for PSV, n he's quite a good player.it could be too optimistic to say that PSV achieve success due to present of park alone, but he definitely played part in that. n a player's skill, work rate etc wont dissapear even if he changed club isn't? the only problem i afraid is the language
        park seems to hv difficulties in language as he took some years to adopt his life in PSV. n he can speak dutch now, but could he speak english well?? if he cant even communicate well with heinze, how could he played on the left? if he cant communicate with keane, CM position should be his either....hope he go for english classes more now

      • Djemba squared crap ball control? Ask Viera in the charity shield. DD sprayed Vieras balls all over the park. HA HA

    • Djemba-Djemba maybe was a true Red, but he maybe just wasn't good enough in Sir Alex's eyes to make any substantial impact in our league. I personally thought he was given too few chances to prove his worth and in the games he did participate he didn't seem too bad, but not enough for Fergie. Same with Kleberson.