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  • Kevin Kevin Sep 26, 2005 23:45 Flag

    Ferguson Shouldn't Go.

    Ferguson shouldn't go because a few bad games doesn't make him a bad manager. We seem to do this every time we have a bad spell. However he needs to stop being so loyal to players who are clearly past their best i.e. Scholes and Keane. Smith and Fletcher deserve to have their chance.

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    • think we should wait and see what happens in january to see if he should go keane, scholes need replaced as the teams central midfield is a joke no more dominating games coming from fletcher or smith and there never would be! scholes is past it and silvester never looks to good! youth in the teams good rooney ronaldo likely to be 2 of the best players in the world! but thats never gona be said of fletcher or smith as a midfielder or forward at that!

    • You will never get a better manager for united than Alex Fergusson, I suggest you look at what your club has won while he has been in charge, and will do in the future,

      he is an excellent manager an Arsenal supporter

    • 3 goals in 8 games and no more European football. 1 man chooses the team, the same man persists in playing 1 up front, even against poor opposition. He never inspires his team like Benitez does for Liverpool. United will lose millions from the lack of European football and 1 man is to blame - FERGUSON. The man lacks vision in Europe and seems to assess games differently than any one else. He has been a great manager but he has lost the plot. Save our team and sack Ferguson - NOW

    • His "prima donnas" have gone. Beckham, Keane. Doesn't help him having a fiery temper when the world no longer respects people for only their talents but also the way (And it seems more importantly) they look on the cover of Vogue, Elle & Teen Heart throb magazines. Back in the day they wern't overpaid ponces that they are now.

      Saying that, Fergie should consider retirement soon. Keane would have been an ideal replacement but thats not gonna happen now!

    • He should go. He is not taking the team forward in performance terms. Name one player of the old guard who is playing anywhere close to his best. NOT Scholes, Giggs, Keane, Sylvestre. I rest my case. Go now Fergie. You will not leave on a high but it won't be the low we will be at by the end of the season.

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      • I think everyone is forgetting that what for us is a bad spell is for many clubs a hell of a good run, we have set the standards for so long and now we don't achieve what we have before we want to get rid of the management.Football is a buisness and as such you will have your low and high year's but you don't always get rid of the top man in the buisness. a cause for concern yes, fire him because players at not playing at their potential is a bit hard. We have suffered over the last 2 1/2 years more injuries than most club's suffer in 10 years, hell even the Gunner's now are in the same slump as we are, it's nothing new but something that we need to keep an eye out on. We shouldn't forget what he has achieved and we shouldn't the bad decision's go to heart right away, let's give him the chance to prove his system can and will work, then at the end of the season if it's still not working bring in someone who can give us the passion and the spirit back, just as Sir A did when he first joined.

    • a few bad games how about a few bad seasons

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      • Two third places is hardly a disaster. If Chelsea didn't have their resources we wouldn't be having this discussion. It's bad luck that there is another major challenger arrived whilst we are in a transitional period. It may get worse before it gets better but we have some of the best young players in the world. We need to be patient and trust one of the best managers in the world