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  • NC NC Sep 28, 2005 21:31 Flag

    Ferguson Shouldn't Go.

    No way should Fergie go...I find it strange that he does not seem to see that Scholes is just a shadow??? Then you have Smith who is not a midfielder. And Fletcher!!? I mean, that is what needs sorting, Central midfield. Not Fergie. If we did, then the / any system would work. I am talking Keane, he is such presence, but he needs a Essien or Ballack next to him.

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    • Perhaps the question is really, should some of his "prima donnas" go?
      As with most top UK soccer teams, it appears that fame goes to their heads and they think they are indispensible.
      Maybe Sir Alex would like to start a new trend and trash some of his "delinquents".
      Busby started from scratch and made them famous.