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  • NC NC Oct 4, 2005 00:25 Flag

    Why does Fletcher play for United??

    Yeah, I have heard good things about Jones. Thats what we need a good crop of players coming through like '92. Bardsley, has looked like he has got the makings of a UTD Player too...

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    • We have a great crop of youngsters coming through - they are doing their annual 12 months on loan though - so we should see them next season. Richardson/Bardsley have already appeared. We also have Rossi (He will be a star - mix Rooney with Ronaldo and you have Rossi) who I can't wait to see start playing for us. Sylvan Blake is another superb striker - built like a house and incredibly fast. Jones is a brilliant prospect but he is on loan along with Spector/Bellion/Eagles. We also have an Irish lad (name has gone) who is on loan great defender. Pique is another very good defender.

      Fingers crossed that 5 or 6 of those make it to the 1st team and we have a crop of players even better than the last lot.

      Last year they won 4 out of 5 trophies - only City beat us in the senior cup - we cleaned up and lost one game only. They where awsome at times.

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      • Well said KingBuxton...We unlike some of the competition, have players coming through the youth system who will hopefully grow into an awesome team. I mean how long can Rossi be denied first team action? I suppose this seasons coca cola will provide a good look at the next generation.

      • I agree with your comments about the young players but surely now is the time to start 'bedding some of them in' as the squad looks thinner in certain area's than it has ever been. I think the days of Utd making top name signings has gone (Glazer and Chelsea stopping us) and Utd need to start looking to the youth system again for the forseeable future.

    • Not really too keen on fletcher myself. I think his lack of pace is a big problem. Generally think the midfield is the problem. Ballack would not be any kind of replacement for Keane, he is more in the Scholes mould who i now think him and Keane have had their day....i say sadly. Ballack would be a great signing, but that means the end of Scholes.