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    Can we pick better teams than Fergie?


    To all Man Utd fans, I am about to choose a formation and team that Fergie refuses to pick even when they are all fit. My team and formation can, I feel, match ANY team in the premiership and most in europe. Please tell me if you agree with me and if not, whats your strongest formation and line-up.
    MY FORMATION: 4-4-1-1.

    MY TEAM: Van der Sar, Neville,Ferdinand,Silvestre,Heinze, Ronaldo,Keane,Scholes,Giggs, Rooney, Van Nistelrooy.

    Will Fergie ever pick this team? Coz I for one am sick of Fletcher coming in on the right with Ronny switched over to the left while Giggsy warms the bench. Also sick of Rooney playing on the right-side in a 3 forward attack, or in midfield etc. etc. Rooney was born to play in the role Fergie played Cantona in. That free role where he is given the freedom of the area between the halfway line to the opposition goal. A genius like Rooney should be allowed to choose whether he wants to drop back and provide a link bwtween the midfield and Van or whether to stay up and support Van as a 2nd striker. He has got all the attributes required for this type of free role and more. CMON FERGIE!!! GET ON THE BALL!!!! 4-5-1 and 4-3-3 sucks!!!

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    • should thisd not be a team that is available now as rvn is not here nor is keane

      Van Der Sar
      Vidic, Neville, Heinze, Ferdinand
      Scholes, Ronaldo, Carrick,Giggs
      Rooney, Saha
      Park , Solskjaer, Smith, Richardson, Kuszczak

      as thats the best team on paper, not what he played in the game in coppen


    • hi guys n gals, first posting on here for me.
      i have read a few of the suggestions for our best team. here is mine....

      van der sar
      ronaldo/scholes/keano or smith/giggs

      Fletcher...... NO, a big fat NO!!!!

    • evry one says that there are alot of better managers in the prem than sir alex. like jose titwank, but, what formation is he playing?? must be a brainy little man to come up with 4-3-3 all on his own!!? sir alex must be copying him. but, hold on, wasent it SIR ALEX HIMSELF that started experimenting with different formations at least 2 years ago! and they say hes past it, haha, when every manager wants to be him and copy his formations and tactics! the man is a tactical GENIOUS!!! AGREE OR DISAGREE?? most fans would agree, most chelsea fans would disagree!! my mate is a chelsea fan, he wasent into footie that much maybe 2-3 years ago but as soon as the money signs replaced the lion then he started getting more into it, and when jose titwank, who only won the champions league once, stepped in with all his bullshit hard talk chat about being the greatest ( take alot more then winning tha champ league once) he was a huge fan, started buying the shirts and stuff, but is chelsea this chelsea that, dosent let anybody else have a view and all other teams are shit. ........ just goes to show the state of mind in which all chelshit fans are.....

    • is henry on his way to spain???

    • The alarming thing when picking our starting 11 is I feel we lack REAL world class in the centre of the park. The rest of the team picks itself.

      My point is emphesised by the initial move to 433 as Keane and scholes were not dominating and teams were passing round them.

      Keane leaving this year is not because he has had enough its because he is a warrior and knows his time on the battle field with the very best i.e lampard gerrard etc is over.

      Ballack is a MUST HAVE as well as a worldclass holding player who I aint sure answers on a post card.

      Richardson is playing well but how soon we forget player of the year Heinze his only chance to make it is over Giggs and Park I would choose the later at this point.

      My team would include both Richardson and Park, playing with Keane as he has so much energy and can make up for Keanes aging legs.

      Scholes and Giggs your living off previous glories and have been poor long before this season or last. Unfortunatly time catches up with us all and its overtook them!

      1. VDS
      2. G Nevile
      3. Heinze
      4. Show Pony (Rio)
      5. Brown

      6. Ronaldo
      7. Richardson
      8. Keane
      9. Park

      10. Ruud
      11 Rooney

    • I just think that when you have a talent like Richardson in the squad, Giggsy's days become increasingly numbered.

      He just isn't the same player we had pre 1999. He seems more intent on playing in the middle, leaving us with no left sided player.

      Richardson, is young, super fast, and is not afraid to take a player on. Robbo has worked wonders with that kid.

      As for Scholes, he does normally hit top form towards christmas. But by then it may be too late, we need each player to perform now.

      I still think that once Keano is back, Smudger should be given the chance in the creative role, allowing him more time on the ball, and the opportunity to get forward.

    • aye, i think we can. all good good. best team with injuries
      4-4-2 ( only because of injuries and lack of depth )

      van der sar

      best 11 without injuries 4-3-3 ( sorry but i think it works )

      van der sar
      van nistelrooy

      giving ron and roon the opportunity to switch sides, free roles will bring out the best for van nistelrooy, and with 3 top defensive minded midfielders, therel be no worry about protecting the backs for the 3 strikers.

    • Every time DF plays, Man U either drew or lost the game.

    • Good call, I would like to see Richardson at left back, he's quick and can get forward enabling the overlap on the left side. It would also mean that Gabbi could come into the middle with Rio, therefore eliminating the weak link (Silvestre) from the back four.

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