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    why Chelsea are better than us.....

    ....its simple really they are a team, we are not. In the hey day of cantona cole sheringham Keane beckham johnson and so forth we were a unit pulling together and as aone. A great example of this is Sheringham and Cole never got on off the pitch yet on it they were masters of all, Cole and York were awesome Beckham was a master with cantona, you get my point, look at Pallister and Bruce, great team mates and an awesome team that would muller Chelsea and the rest of them anyday. Why are Chelsea better than us, because they have that confidence that winning gives, they are untouchable in thier own minds, look at the manager he doesnt accept Charlton as a loss, thats the way to be, its what we were like a swagger in the team a confidence a domination, so come on lads play again as a a unit as a team and start to stuff them all again

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    • The problem is that there are some members of this team who feel they have nothing to prove, and I think they have to be weeded out.

      What we need to get to is the sort of spirit we saw at Sunderland when Rossi scored. Every player ran to congatulate him, even VDS.

      Maybe it is time that a few of the young guns came into the team. I have watched them quite a few times this season, and they start each and every game with a huddle. They did the same on Wednesday night. That is something that Brian McClaire has dug into them.
      Plus, some of them are better than what we have in the team now, i.e Pique in place of Silvestre or O'Shea, Jones in place of Fletch, Richardson in place of Giggs.

      But the one who really impressed was Lee Martin. If the roumours are true about Ronaldo going to Madrid in January, then this lad could definately come in to the team.