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    Scholes as captain, shows all that is wrong at Utd.

    What is the point of having the quietest, most out of form / out of sorts player at the club as your figurehead, the person to lead? What is that about? Sentimentalism... Scholes would not be in the team if we had anyone else half decent. Smith is NOT a midfielder and Fletcher is not a Fuc*ing footballer!! The fact he keeps playing is what is making me start to doubt Fergie. Is he blind!? We havent got a midfield.

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    • It is so obvious from the previous games that the midfield was crap. Good that middlesborough expose the fact even more clearer. If the same midfield line-up against Chelsea, I hope Chelsea knock in 6 goals. Then maybe the one responsoble for the line up will admit the F***K**g midfileders who do not deserve to be there.

    • Have to agree with you mate, some of the players seem to be getting accolades that have got to be confusing for everyone that watches them. Suggestion: Man U Captain; The only player who wears his heart on his shirt is the boy Rooney, another DE, Make him Captain and in midfield, for England as well!! Can't see why it hasn't already been done, it is so obvious.

    • The league is way beyond us know after last nights result and with Chelsea motoring along, so what harm is there by chucking a few of the kids in. Surely they will give 100% rather than what some of the players are giving now. We should get David Jones, Paul McShane and Jonathon Spector back from loan and get them in the side. As for David Bellion, he can stay down south! Can Liam Miller be any worse than Fletcher?

    • your spot on mate the midfield is shite!! as for smith he's a back up striker and that's about it!! fletcher should go and play in the 1st division or somthing and still not stand out!!

    • I am completely with you on this one. Scholes looks like he is just going through the motions, Flecther is simply not good enough, and Smith is being played out of position because we don't have any strength in depth, particularly in midfield.

      You have to question SAF where he's wasted so much money in the past 3-4 years on players like Kleberson, Djemba Djemba, Bellion, etc.

      Agree that players like Gravesen & Ballack could be the solution. I don't think the defence is too bad, although Rio is out of form, but he doesn't become a bad player overnight. The midfield is the problem, right now we just don't have a central midfield.

      Somehow we need to get back to having something resembling Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Giggs in their prime which teams fear.

      I think we need a comprehensive clear out, starting with Ferguson & Querioz, and players like Fletcher. Scholes shouldn't be captain, he should have somebody challenging for his position then in his current form he would be dropped!