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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 1, 2005 19:12 Flag

    The Chelsea match - Nov 6 2005

    Looking forward to a good game up there.
    Can I just point out that if you believe that the CFC players are all gold-diggers just there for the money, you may want to look a bit closer to home.
    Well said Roy Keane, by the way. A footballing gladiator.
    Truth hurts sometimes.

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    • Good point. What we do with serial under-acheivers and players not good enough to play for the club is... Reward the lack of talent and heart with lucrative long term contracts, so they are nice and comfortable. I mean we wouldnt want any one to worry about there place in the side would we. Nice One Roy, get your coaching badges, go and manage Macc town for a couple of years and then come back home and sort it out.