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  • stuart d stuart d Nov 3, 2005 05:41 Flag

    FERGIE OUT, FERGIE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is it, he has to go. So has rio and the rest of the shite.

    why bring a player on with 2 mins to go, what a waste of time.

    remember this score..... 9-0, it won't be far off on sunday, but it won't be the team in red with 9 this time!!!!!!!!

    what is his fascination with fletcher, i think we should beg souness and moyes for nicky butt and phill neville back, at least they had some heart.

    more than most of the players in this team, i.e rio, silvestre, o'shea.

    please go now alex, whilst your reputation is intact.

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    • thats a no then, i kno fergies had his lot tho like worthington can only go so far...

    • Send me your address, and i'll send you half a stamp so you can write the rest of your footballing knowledge on it!

    • ur all a bunch of glory hunters do any of u actualy live near manchester?

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      • Stop generalising and read the sodding points raised in the thread. I do not live in Manchester, I live in London, I am not a Man U supporter, I am a Chelsea suppoter but that does not mean one does not have to respect and appreciate the achievements of one of the most successful if not the most succesful managers in the prem.

    • I don't think the problem is Fergie, the problem is his Sidekick Carlos, ever since he arrive on the scean (and I mean both times) United have gone backwards, the last time we had the players to get us through the period but this time we don't.
      The other major problems we have is that there is no unity within the players, where as before the kids grew up together and got on with each other this lot are just a bunch of players thrown together and they don't gel, just look at Chelsea, all the players get on with each other and regard each other as good friends, and with out this friendship there is no team sprit and work ethic and the don't play for each other they just play for themselves. As for players, well how and why Fletcher ever got into the jounior squad I'll never know. What ever Roy Kean said I think is right and the sooner the players take it onboard the better and maybe we can go forward again. But I'm not looking forward to sunday.

    • You fool how can you say that about the person who has brought so much success to the club, just because things are not going our way does not mean that you should bite off the hand that feeds you. how can you be so ignorant. Its not his fault the players aren't performing

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      • I agree with those who support Sir Alex. If the banners of 1989/90 had been heeded, where would all those trophies have come from in the 1990s?

        United are definitely in transition at the moment - give Sir Alex time.

        Of course, one day he will no longer be our manager, but that time has yet to come. He stands alongside Sir Matt in United's history and deserves our respect and loyalty.

        That is not to say that improvements aren't needed - of course they are - but getting rid of Sir Alex would be a shot in the foot. He will turn things around for us.

        Remember supporting United in the 1980s? I do, and it was frustrating (although there were many glorious days to brighten the gloom of repeated failures to win the league). I can understand fans being frightened about going back to those days - but it won't happen. We will never slip back into the old 26-year nightmare.

        Be patient.

        And don't panic.

    • ...and who replaces him then, Einstein?

      Pete (Man City fan - we've always had more sense)

    • I do not believe what I am reading, remind me again the last trophy Europe's elite, Madrid won. Correct me if I am wrong but I don't seem to remember Madrid winning anything since Beckham joined them (I could be wrong)

      How can You say Fergie has forgotten what made Man U great? The bloddy greatness of your team is largely down to him!!! He moulded your champions, all your home grown talent in Giggsy, Beckham, Scholes, Cole etc now great players all because of Fergie. Who took you to the teble? FERGIE!

      Anyone with any brains can see that your misfortunes at the moment are down to your long list of injuries, the inexperience of the younger players and the fact that your club is owned not even by Glazer but HSBC. These are not excuses but explanations, get Glazer to open his cheque book.

      Big Sam? Please, he is managing a side with no expectations whatsoever. If they qualify for Europe then everyone hails him as a genius, if they don't then it's okay because it is Bolton and no one ever expected them to do well.

      I don't even support your team, I am of the Roubles genre, but I have nothing but respect and admiration for Sir Alex and Man U's achievements and it is sad that you have all seem to have forgotten what the man has achieved for you. You get rid of him now and things will spiral out of control and get worse before they get better.

      I have said this before, judge Sir Alex AFTER all your players are back and fully fit, AFTER smith stops playing in midfield, AFTER you have made new signings and if after all that you are STILL playing shite then even I with all the respect I have for him will call for his head.

    • leave fergie alone u bone idol idiot , man utd are a bloody good team and they couldnt of done it with out all of fergies commitment and effort so back off you dickhead.

    • I couldn't agree more. Get off Sir Alex back and concentrate your criticism on the players cause they are the culpits not sir Alex. Rio should be sitting on the bunch for the next 3 or 4 games or for may be ever. He is heartless and has no passion for the shirt he is wearing. He is only concerned by picking up his 100+k weekly salary nothing else. I personaly never rated him before and I still do not rate him. Sir Alex should get rid of him in January cause he is a waste of space. As for the rest of the players they need to go back to basic and learn how to play football as a team. All good and successful teams lose sometimes but at least they lose with passion and heart unlike Manu player who are clueless and heartless.

    • I have read the comments posted and as a life long fan have the following comments to make. Fergie should not be sacked, he still knows what he is doing and there isnt anyone who could replace him with the same experience. Look how much respect Mourino has for Fegie...he knows how great he is. At the moment United are still a great team, however they are not a great squad. We are missing Giggs, Keano, Heinze (prob our best player last year) Neville. Scholes is also missing...but not in the same way! We do not have the palyers in the squad to replace them. Smith is a forward not a middfielder, Richardson...is not good enough neithe is Fletcher. They wouldnt be palying if the first choices were fit. We have some tremendous young player in Rooney, Ronaldo, Park, Rossi and they will all be stalwarts at the club for years to come. What we really need is two great midfielders ...Ballack..Gerrard or similar players of quality..we are mssing a heartbeat in midfield. Its not a crisis we are just 2-3 players short of being a great team again. Its hard when Chelsea have the money to buy everyone decent who is around...but at least we will get players who want to uphold the utd traditions. I dont think the problems lies with Rio..hes just not getting the support from midfield he is used to and has taken a knock to his confidence. Rudd is also not playing well but no one is asking questions about him. WQe have lost our attacking spirit and that is what we need to get back...going out and putting fear through teams with fast attacking play...we have become too one dimensionable!

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