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  • Yes he was a good footballer but theres plenty of them, most of which are not wife, girlfriend beating alchoholics who waste kidneys that could save a genuine persons life. This man is being treated like a star, why? If your child died because the kidney went to GB would you think he was a hero then. Somewhere, someone has lost somebody very dear to them as this excuse for a so called hero got the kidney first! a waste of a life.

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    • Several people have said in this thread that we should show respect for the man because he has died.
      If you extend this "logic" we should also show respect for Attila The Hun, Caligula, Vlad The Impaler, Judas Escariot, Dr Crippen, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Fred West, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying George Best should be compared with mass murderers, I use these names merely to make a point because they are all dead and all names people will recognise.
      People do not deserve our respect just because they have managed to die, this is a skill we all have, and will all eventually accomplish.
      People deserve respect for the way they live and sadly, on balance, George Best does not exactly rate up there with Florence Nightingale, Gandi, Princess Diana, Mother Teressa or even my nan.

    • i would imagine your very young and stupid, the man was the greatest footballer we will ever see...............
      everyone from bests era will know what happened to him.. you cannot always get better..... we are remembering his football end of........" george you were the best"

    • I think all these messages posted by people saying that they have no sympathy for this man are pretty sad....I have sympathy for any addict and I really don't think any of us can imagine what it must be like to be so addicted to something that we know will kill us but we can't stay away from it....

    • Yes I was thinking just like you that GB deserve no symphaty until I read more about his background when as a 17 year old lad from Ireland , he was force to drink guinness stout to increase his physics to compete in a very competitive british
      scene,it was in a way an occupational hazard, yes, its true, we must never condone alcoholism but did you see the last picture of him( GB ) hooked up to life support,body wasting away, all yellow with skin and bones, I nearly cried when I watch that photo by news of the world

      He lived , he was candid about his actions and was even humourous about his life...I laugh and I symphatise with him at times...although he was not really a role model to the young yet again he was human after all

      God Bless you Georgie and may you rest in Peace

    • He had a Liver transplant not a Kidney.. you plank

    • George Best was one of the best footballer's ever seen. Pele has even said he was the best, are people going to argue with him!

      I think people forget that he was probably the first fotballer to earn good money from his profession, and the pressures he had on him from such a young age were huge, many of us would have probably gone off the rails.

      The 1960's were a very radical time and with George's good-looks he was in huge demand. It's easy to look back in 2005 and put him down but in the 60's there was not the experience or the back-up to help him.

      It was wonderful to see him on Sky Sports and he will be greatly missed by many.

      I will always think of him as a great footballer and will remember him with love. If he could have stopped drinking he would have and it has cost him his life. That is the saddest thing.

      Thank you George.

    • Hey Idiot

      Get you facts right, it was a liver transplant not kidneys, there is no right to tell a person how to live their life just because they have had a transplant


    • ah thanks mate some people just pick on others to make themelves feel better dont they, oh well sure i wont lose any sleep over their comment thanks for yours though xx

    • I agree with what you and others say, but we ALL deserve and mostly get a SECOND chance, we gave it to HIM he did'nt take it!!

    • don't worry about your spelling or grammer, what do those ignorant gits know about you hun?

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