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  • dave dave Nov 26, 2005 03:17 Flag

    To All the Disrepectful Nobodies!!


    Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but some of the comments about George Best really shows what a sick society we live in. This country has no respect anymore! We cheer them to the top then drag them back down again!
    Some of the greats in football have fallen from grace. George Best was proberbly the first. Then there's others like Brian Clough, Gazza, Paul McGrath. All victims of the pressures of Success and Alchohol, but more likely, victims of their own mind.
    Cloughie tried, and failed, to hang on and reclaim his success. One of the greatest Managers of all time, and a prolific goalscorer as a Player. Gazza is trying real hard to rebuild his life, and good luck to him. Paul McGrath, I havn't a clue where He is or what He's doing, but the last I heard He was in a bad mental state and walking the streets like a tramp, which I hope isn't true.

    George Best had His demons that followed him to the end. He was only human, and nobody is perfect.
    As for slapping his women, yeah, out of order. But havn't you stopped to think what Alchohol does to peoples personalities and moods?... Haven't you woke up with flashbacks that make you want the ground to swallow you up?... There isn't one of you who hasn't done something foolish and regrettable, drunk or sober!!!
    As for the Liver Transplant;... Well I'm certain that if George was on a shortlist of Two with a child, He would've stepped to one side and gave the Child a chance! Thats the kind of person He was. Despite the flaws, He would do anything for anyone. Those close to him will have more Happy memories than Sad ones, Life isn't a bed of roses all the time!
    As for the Football; What can I say that hasn't already been said. The Football is what I will Remember George Best for!!! Thanks Georgie Boy!!!

    R.I.P. George Best..... The Best, Ever!!!

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