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  • Am I the only football fan in this country who is starting to get a little fed up of everyone trying to cannonise the late George Best. Sure he was a great footballer and I feel sorry for his family in their time of grief but ask yourself this question, would you hold him up as a roll model for your kids?
    Not only did he drink his own liver into submission, he then went on to drink someone elses into submission too. One wonders if he had not been "The Great George Best" would the doctors who made the decision on who should receive a transplant have declined him the liver in favour of someone who would have treasured the second change.
    Despite being married to several beautiful women he failed to stay faithful to any of them. Prefering a high life of wine, women and more wine and more women.
    People seem to give more credit to a persons dribbling, passing and shooting skills than they do to loyalty, fidelity, honesty and common decency. Why is this?
    To conclude, one would have to say that in my opinion as a footballer George Best had few equals but as a man he was strictly third division.

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