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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 8, 2005 21:28 Flag


    Why bring Chelsea into this? Inferiority I guess.

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    • Most Man U Fans cant except the fact that their team is now going through what Liverpool did in the 90s they cant or wont except that fact. We Liverpool fans (THE TRUE LIVERPOOL FANS) dont cry and winge when we lose in the league or europe, granted we havent won the league for so long most fans stop moaning and wait.... Liverpool won the European cup by staging the GREATEST comeback in a final ever (taking nothing away from Utd when they did it to Munich, both different games)and we beat a team that knocked United out. We are no were near a perfect team but we have manager who knows what he is doing 9 clean sheets and 7 wins isnt bad!! As for Chelsea they are only where they are because of The Russian putting his money into the club, without him Chelsea would be no where and Jose would still be going on about how HE is the European champion with Porto and one maybe one day he will finally get over the Semi final last year but i doubt it.

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      • Some of us CAN accept that we may be on the start of a slide, however it doesn't mean we have to like it.
        What is clearly obvious is that if you mickeys are so glorious, why do you STILL have to try and make united fams feel bad when you should just be keeping your moustachioed gobs shut and letting your team do the talking for you? Oh, I forgot. It's because even now united are more important to you than your own team. And the reason you hate Chelsea so much is obvious - wasn't it them chelsea fans at Heysel, and not your own retarded twats.....