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  • I'm afraid Mr Ferguson has completely lost it...If fergie is not replaced, it's only going to be a matter of time before united start fighting relegation battles. Fergie's rants in the press are just getting more and more repulsive. United's youngsters are a bunch of overrated scum...i'm just devastated after yesterday's result...It's BURTON for Crying out loud!!!!

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    • Get a fuckin grip lard arse

    • Sack Fergie?? Hello?? Though I am a Liverpool fans, I do not want Fergie to be sack. To be honest, I can't see him to be sack either!!
      giggsyisgod, you call yourself a fans? Thank GOD you do not support Liverpool. Just a few games and you write off your own teams? i would still support liverpool even if they drop to division 2!!!! Those who says Fergie must be sack knows nuts about football. I can bet with my head that you must be very happy when Sven appointed as City manager, cos of his failure managing England? Those press affected your brain with their news. He probably the best manager who ever managed England.
      1-0 Hurray ManU. Oooppssss.....I mean ManCity!!!

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      • I cannot believe there are fans of your club doubting SAF.

        He has assembled a great squad for you guys, this year i really thought united were going to push on dominate especially with the signing of Tevez, It's a slow start but it gives the rest of the league some breathing space until you get into gear.

        Last pre season i thought United were finished, but SAF some how got the best out of players deemed to be slightly past it (Scholes, Giggs, Neville) there are still around this season which is a remarkable feat in itself.

    • You should be sacked as United fan.

      Even if we lead Chelsea by 5, so what?

      It's August. Wait until December and then we talk.

    • how the hell do u fink fergie shud get sacked cos if he gets sacked hus guna replace him graeme souness get a life fergie a mint manager dey av won loads of trophies with him

    • I'm totally disagree. If you sack AF, unless you get someone like Hiddink (manager of PSV) or Carpello (manager of Juventus), otherwise no other people could qualify for the post. Even though we can get these two men, I'm still not sure they can build a team as successful as sir AF, since they haven't manage any english team before. So, please be patient and give some more time for our young team to mature. I still have full confidence in Sir AF.

    • Unf****** believable!
      He rests the Stars so that they don't risk breaking their legs on the beach and you want him sacked!

    • Every time I read your posting you never have anything intelligent to say. I think you first need anger management classes and than learn a little about the game before you say anything. Are you even old enough to be on the internet? Shouldnt you be in school right now. I think your parents need to block you from this sight.

    • just from 1 game we didnt win you think the manager should be sacked - get real
      if you also think utd will be fighting a relegation battle then you are have seriously lost your mind
      utd are going through a transition period and are building a team of youngsters from buying players in the transfer market to bringing players through their academy which is the best in the world

      and if you had bothered to see the match you would have realised that burton were amazing, dont be so ignorant to judge them just in what league they are in - they played better than arsenal did against utd last tuesday -
      plus this is the fa cup, do you think it has such a great reputation by the big teams winning all the time - no - its happened to the big teams many times before and will do again many times in the future
      and was it such a bad result - we are still in the cup, totenham and fulham arent and they didnt face premiership opposition

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      • Sir Alex had some great years with United, no questions, but with the team he had I could have managed and one the league cup. Fergie's not getting any younger and perhaps what worked in the mid 90s won't work now. He got rid of Beckham because of personal differences with the man. Now I really don't think Beckham is as good as the hype, but I'll tell you what, Van Nistleroy hasn't had the same kind of service from the midfield that he needs to be effective and it's showed plus those free kick goals would come in handy. He didn't even get a transfer fee for Roy Keane. I know what he said was bollocks but that's just a stupid business decision. Again, Fergie let his personal feelings get in the way of better judgement. Compared to other teams, Man U still isn't doing that bad, but they are not other teams. They are Man U! They are still the richest sporting team in the world! They're our New York Yankees. The Yankees still had a great year. They mande the playoffs and lost to the eventual champions. Not bad right? But considering the money spent and the talent there, not good either. Same as Man U. They still spend a lot of money and to be out of Champions league, and effectivley, baring a complete Chelsea melt down, out of the running for the Premiership. They should be doing better in the F.A. and that means beating a side like this. It's time for Man U fans to get the blinkers off and get rid of Fergie. He's run his course, had a great run, but the time has come for a fresh look for Man U.

    • People need to get things in perspective here, we're only doing 'shite' compared to Chelsea, no other way.

      When you look at our points at this stage now, and compare them to the rest of the Premiership years, there was only one other year we had more points, and we lost that year to Arsenal.

      As to the Burton game, we put a reserve side out, then we judge them as though they were the first team! Give them a break!

      There are plenty of very good players in teams like Burton, and remember, for every foreign player in the leagues here, there's a British player who can't get a game, so the standard of teams like Burton is sure to rise.

      l think Fergie has realised that if we want to match the Chelseas of this world we have to stop them scoring, we can't rely on scoring more goals than them any more. That's why he's buying defenders.

    • hahahahahahaha keep crying when you were the dominant force you rubbed everyone up live with mediocrity keep fergie and buy some overrated defender that the italians dont want

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