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  • loveunitedalways loveunitedalways Apr 18, 2007 00:52 Flag

    Sack Fergie!!!

    I'm with you Nutter. I simply can't understand why this GiggsyisGod person is writing about how badly we're doinf and how imcompetent Fergie is. I admit Fergie's not really my favourite person but i feel that GiggsyisGod is not giving Fergie the respect he deserves. As for the press, in mean the English press, i fell that they have a habit of knoking anyone who's doing well, particularly if it is us. I've heard about this 'hate culture' in England in which championship-winning teams and their fans almost always end up being hated by rival fans as well as the press, which is sad. Plus i suspect there is a strong anti-United element within the English press, which explains why they'reever so ready to bash us. That's why we can understamd why Fergie rants at them.
    PS i also agree that to say United's youngsters are overrrated is a complete and total disrespect to the club. As for that p[lank Giggsyis God, just don't listen to whatever he/she says. He/She's obviousy still stuck in the previous tear, or the year before that. Or he/she could be a rentboy masquerading as a United fan.