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  • NC NC Jan 14, 2006 23:46 Flag

    That Ref was a W=nker.

    Have you ever seen such a clueless official as that bald nonse today?

    He was citys twelve man...

    Get rid of Silvestre please...and Fletcher and Smith and Ronaldo (ronaldo is becoming embarassing) and Giggs looked woeful today for senior player.

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    • You blame the ref and then slag off most of your midfield!!!!!

      Surely summat wrong here?

    • HAHAHA, Typical Mancs response, you weren't good enough against City, but then you blame the ref when you should be blaming the players and the management. Ronaldo had to be sent off for that challenge, it was ugly. For years United were getting very favourable decisions from the ref, lose a game now when you play badly and the ref is targeted

    • Let's get rid of those ref... No point for them to judge the game... Linesman sleeping... Refree just didn't give fouls on rooney n ronaldo... United just onli got luck on that wonderful nistelrooy strike... Nothing more granted by refree... Everytime i saw draw n lose is not because MU not playing well... Is those stupid refree system that make us frustrated... Hope future will let refree judge by camera n not ruining our game... Btw... silvestre should not play in defence anymore... i hav watch him making so many mistake let some1 behind him n still put his opponent back to onside... He should be back to backup left back n let tall guy o'shea be the backup defender...Hope new pai ferdinand n vidic make our defence stronger n not humiliate van der sar... fletcher still unstable.... everytime i saw him touching the ball i feel that he might fall down easily... smith is doing well wif all those tackle... he just need scholesy long vision passing n make him perfect... giggsy performance still ok... hope park back soon to replace ronaldo... but he is improving not to do those silly dancing too often... but easily fall down again... rooney just hav to stop saying those fxxk word n be mature n he will become top player in the future... ruud just quiet but still good finisher... saha oso hav instinct to score... hope fergie listen to our voice n make some changes or buy players like gattuso... he wanna come just buy him... he got the same playing style of keano... although man utd losing so many times... i still support them all my life since i was 13 on 1992... be strong man utd... hope chelsea will bankrupt 1 day n force to sell players n drop to hell just like leeds utd n blackburn...

    • blind, stupid, you name it, he is it!

    • shut the fuck up you cockney twat, go av a jellied eel or summet

    • yeh the ref was awful but even if he had been gd we still would have lost because of silvestre and the fact city played well
      however if city had beaten arsenal today the arsenal fans wouldnt have shut up about the ref for the next year and couldnt admit they lost

    • That kid london_highbury whatever was just having a break from playstation and just wanted to wind us up, whereas instead he just made himself look stupid and backed up the claim that Arsenal fans are moronic and deluded. If they were as big a club as us the media would be going mental about how crap they are now. But the media only care about us, Liverpool and Chelski as we are the big 3 in england.

      Hold on I thought Arsenal were supposed to be dominating the league for the next decade....

      ...invincibles my ass!!

    • yep damn rite - but this is why so many people hate arsenal, they are the only fans in the world who are so biased towards their club they cannot accept it when they lose and blame it on the referee or the other team cheating, just like wenger
      i know theres people out there who dont like utd fans an chelski fans etc. but at the end of the day the majority of us can congratulate teams when they win and not blame it on cheating and the referee

    • End of the day wel be in the champions league again next year whereas Arsenal wont....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    • yh but do you accept the fact utd were the better team

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