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    If you all hate scousers

    Scousers weekend and i see their off in dreamland again. A few wins against the bottom clubs (spurs not included) and they think theyre challenging for the league. Oh but they did perform a miraculous comeback against Luton so i'll let them off....as if. All that time sat at home when they should be out working as clearly given them mental delutions, or maybe its the side effects from eating rats? Anyway apart from Gerrard and Alonso they are a very average team, and i think we will beat them by a few goals on sunday just to give them a reality check and show them whos boss as usual. Any messages of hate towards these vile creatures is very welcomed too!!

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    • better to beat the bottom table teams then lose to them like you bunch of scum have been doing

    • Ok.. lets start this off with some common sense.. for those of you thinking "Rat eating shit bags" is banter is absolutely pathetic. I quite agree with the school ground saying " my team is better than yours" as being banter.. slightly. But for some of you Man U fans, not all, some do actually like the sport and have some dignity.. seem to think the reason god put them on this earth is to insult the life out of your neighbours, please, leave the forum and get a life.

      Now for reality check for some of you who have a passion for hating scousers... the one person who you all think is god and the only person saving your team from usual humiliation is a scouser! well ironic to know that one.. shouldn't you all now be copying what he does now? Rat Kebab anyone?

      Please don't post for the sake of insulting Scousers, you have to remember Man U fans are the most hated because of their direct childish attitudes and views towards any opposing fans, not just Liverpool. Just because the Man U reign has been toppled for a good few years and several teams are becoming too excel them, including Liverpool (face the facts people) frustration is being taken on everyone else.

      As im typing this im watching the Burton game, and again please don't always call Liverpool average and lucky, I'm looking at the T.V. and all im seeing is average as well, no doubt that you will win its is 1-0 already, its just fate isn't it.

      your on the inconsistency run of Liverpool last year and I know how it feels, you will soon pick up as soon as your players are back from bans and not fighting with each other..

      Good luck Sunday.

    • make sure you rip out their hearts on sunday

    • at least we beat them at the first attempt you scum sucking cockney as that is the general area you northern scum head to when scum trafford closes after the game surprised you still support them as most man u fans are glory chasers and will probably end up as chelsea fans until the money runs out

    • Hate scousers? Do I fucking ever. easyclear2004, where the hell did he go to borstal, that mickey can't spell for shite! To be honest it would make my year to beat them but if we don't, then so what? We show more class than they do by not whinging about it if it was deserved, and if we do, show class by letting the footie do the talking. I could go on for ages about shell suits and granny stabbers, etc but I won't. Mickey mousers are simply not worth a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut, so don't give them the satisfaction of thinking they actually matter to us.

    • you unt fans are craping it that we are going to beat yous this weekend,and lets face it you aint has good has yous use to be,unt will be lucky to get 4th place this season,and dont talk about bottom clubs yous cant beat burton albion,and at least we beat luton,we we beat u this weekend u lot will all be hiding

    • HA HA HA. Ok then, take one of them out and we still have one world class player. Take your world class "scouser" (who must have ate a lot of rats) out of your team and Burton would get a draw against you - oh wait, they did. As for van nistelhorse, klinnsman had nothing on him, the diving goalhanger. Save your bullshit for the chavski fans

    • Scoreline for the weekend:
      United 2
      Scouse 0

      Scorers: Peter Crouch OG, Jamie Carragher OG

    • Cisse, and not because of his playing ability but because his hairstyles are juts outrageous. Someone get me "What Not to Wear!" and I'll nominate him. Him and Kewell as well.

    • Gerrard, Alonso....I cant name another world class player! Carragher is on form but hardly world class! Finnan, Hyppia, Crouch, Kewell, Sinama and Jimmy Traore...what the hell are these guys doing playing for a club the size of Liverpool! Historically no question they were great in the 70s and 80s...but thats it. They may have won the champions league in unspectacular fashion last year but finishing 5th in the league just goes to show what a fluke it was. The worst weve finished in 15 years is 3rd and we have also won the champions league so big deal scousers. A knockout competition is one thing but consistency in the league is another. Anyone else noticed how they are just an inferior copy of Chelsea with their tactics?? Everyone defending deep, hitting long balls up to Slouch and hoping to catch their opponents off guard on the counter or from lack of concentration in the 81st minute with their 2nd attack of the game?? Hold on you can always bet Gerrard will have shot from 30 yards once a game...god they are boringly predictable.

      Play crouch please im sure Vidic would enjoy a laugh on his debut and Hyppia too im sure Rooney is quaking in his boots!! Dont bet against a Rooney winner and Smith breaking Gerrards legs...or any scousers actually...how many are there at Liverpool?? Carragher, Gerrard...is Warnock one?? Anone else??

      Gary is a Red!!! Please play Dudek muppets!

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      • What dickheads, youve got/ sorry HAD a couple of european cups WE OWN OURS. You have scouser playing for ya, World class players DONT MAKE ME LAUGH once Rooney spits out his dummy and the Van the horse, feels the need for hooves at twenty paces with the step over kid (even if hes not playing for being a dirty shit)or is that stick his nose in to business not to do with him,another sending off. what have ya got a team of dwebs playing in the STADIUM OF DREAMERS.
        oh yeh A knockout competition is one thing but consistency in the league is another, is that why your not in the champions league and going down the prem further away from chelsea and us on sunday , dont forget your prawn sarnies , rats jump a sinkin ship is that why keano went???

      • World class, you must mean Fletcher, Neville, Smith ha ha ha PMSL.
        Lets see on Sunday when you get thrashed like last week.
        The only player keeping you prawnies going is a scouser, ironic aint it, you lot are shite.
        Lets hope your squad suitabeley knock crap out of themselves before the weekend.
        Club in turmoil.

      • We are predictably boring, we always win. You haven't that air of invincibility for the past 2 or 3 years, but not in style we play attacking football.

        It's true we've only Gerrard & Alonso who are world class but you've only Ruud & Rooney.

        Our defence collectively is rock solid, as for Smith seeing that failed striker against our midfield will be a laugh.