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  • thebluesamigo thebluesamigo Jan 23, 2006 20:34 Flag

    Gary Neville is a red

    excellent celebrating by gary neville and like gary i hate scousers

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    • I love you Gary. A true red. Wish I could have seen the scouse muppets faces when he was doing that to them...!!!

    • As a supporter I have to say I love to watch the players celebrate scoring a goal, what is wrong with it? Shouldn't they be allowed to show they are happy? I'm so sick of this fucking politically correct shite that surrounds us. ALot of other players on other teams celebrate just as much but never get a "telling off", its absolute CRAP and I for one and sick to death of this shit.

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      • Do you notice how everything is blown up when United do it?? Mutu takes cocaine and gets 5 months, Rio misses a test and gets 8! Rooney swears and every ref wants to send him off yet who doesnt?? Gary celebrates yet Keown and all those Arsenal pricks were allowed to jump on Ruud when he missed that penalty and they only got mickey mouse fines. Its not sour grapes, and yes United fans do get this alot - its because we are the greatest most glamorous club in the world and in one word it stems from JEALOUSY. Gary and Rooneys celebrations are nothing Fowler hasnt done before or that skinny fag Macca. Part and parcel of the game its just scouse scum crying again. 'We didnt qualify automatically but we wont the cup let us back in!'