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  • rrichards rrichards Jan 29, 2006 16:46 Flag

    Man Utd - Gravy Train Supporters

    Amazing isn't it.
    I was just browsing at Man U Board because it has the highest numbers of posts. I could not help but notice the infantile and malicious tone of many of the posts. -- fowler homeosexual, scouse this and that etc.. - So I decide put some bait out which was taken - Hook -line and sinker.

    What I said was fairly objective and was somewhere near to what Roy Keane had said - but the hysterical replies I saw were quite pathetic.

    They can't take anything they dish out --These people with the threatening posts are the same types of "football fans" who threaten to murder the Glazer family, or in Liverpool murder Steven Gerrards family if he transfers to Chelsea - or hang David Beckam from the lamp post after his World Cup sending off.
    It is a lynch mob mentality which plagues football and society -- and their threats , they believe, are justified because they love a football team!!

    Gravy train supporting is part of human nature - they like type see they are winners despite their desperate lives and this give a sense of belonging. It happens eveerywhere, When Keegan was a Newcastle, Arsenal over last few years and I bet Chelsea have got about another 25000 supporters from other teams this season.
    Watch the recent results when they didn't go United way - heads down(City - 3 MU 1) -- despite Man U having the best long term records. As RK keane said they all go quiet".
    But remember most of all its only a game and no matter waht the diffrences - there is no need to get the bottle, gun or knife out to someone who begs to differ.

    On a closing note of the 19 responses - I would say to probably 14 of the morons - look at the nearest wall from where you are standing by the PC accessing the yahoo page and you will probably see a sign which reads:


    All the best

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    • Oh thanks for the study into man united forums mr R!!? That has really opened my eyes, and yeah it is amazing. I like the fact that you go on about nasty posts and then make a sweeping generalisation about the employment status of manchester United fans. Very intellectual... Just like your misquotes : ) You made some ok points in your last post, i agree that the idiots who do things like hanging effigies from lampposts need to be somehow stopped from breeding. And you are right about the morons!! The biggest moron was this total knob!! called Mr R.... er.. you...sorry.

    • Take your fake words and shove them up your arse.

      Whoever you are you have nothing informed or objective to say about Manchester United. Sure, we are all entitled to our opinions, it's just that nobody wants to hear yours. As for abusing scousers - it's what people do. It's more to do with evolution than being an angry young man.