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  • rrichards rrichards Jan 30, 2006 13:45 Flag

    Man Utd - Gravy Train Supporters

    Out of 30 - barely 1 or 2 coherent responses!
    As I said, this is the mindset that plagues football and society.
    I have just been sickened to read a post saying Man Utd deserve another place crash-UNACCEPTABLE- REPULSIVE SICKENING -- in the NAME of a GAME!!!
    Will those scumbags justify the post by their love of a team? Probably!

    The message boards are a forum for discusions of opinions from anyone and Yahoo lays out the rules on what it considers reasonable. I don't think either of my mails have breached that code.

    Now back to my wind up:
    1. Just look at the statements that RK made.
    2. Regarding Rooney - An incredible young talent- 20 years of age- joins the club for Everton and carries the whole hopes of Man Utd on his shoulders- an incredible task for a new player let alone someone so young.

    Lastly a question about the comments made recently by Sven Goran Erikkson about:
    (a) paying over the odds for players
    (b) Manager taking backhanders
    (c) a cesspit
    No Finger pointing but
    Could any of these points be in reference to Manchester United??

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    • it's east to see why the media and the neutrals hate United.
      Somebody (Mr Richards) makes a few statements - some of which are correct and quite logical and he gets abused.
      Wake up and smell the coffee lads...
      debate the issues,don't abuse people for their opinions. it wasn't an anti United posting. It was an unbiased opinion based on the facts. If you open your eyes you will see that. We all want the same thing. United back to their greatness of the 90's. We were luckier then because the opposition was weaker than now. We raised the bar in terms of trophies and we put English football back on the European and World map. Just look at the money other clubs have had to spend just to come up to our exceptionally high standards and we are still second in the league and still in both domestic cup competitions. Football has changed completely since the Premier league and Sky got involved but credit should be given to United for making the game enjoyable, exciting and sexy again. Had it not been for the exciting brand of football WE brought to the country on a weekly basis (thanks to Sky) the game might have died on it's arse and never became the game we know today. Stop knocking the club and anybody that has an opinion that might be different from yours!