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    Bought the Title...response to glazer_must_die post

    'Every club that has won the league has done this'....glazermustdie...

    I see what your trying to say but you're wrong in my opinion along with the biased read_chris. Comparing chelskis situation to anyones is not possible and thats where the argument lies. United have spent 30 million on 3 players. 19 on ruud and plenty on others, yet we also made our money over time to earn the right to become the richest club in the world and spend when we can. And it wasnt all done in 2 seasons!!! Wake up mate! Even arsenal spent a ridiculous amount on reyes so they cant be left out of this. But if you open your eyes you will see that the other teams not only earned the right to spend heavily, they also did it gradually and integrated big signings with homegrown talent and over time. There is a HUGE difference. There is no chance of many people ever realising this (which is why its such a recurring issue) so dont patronise us with your 'sooner people realise this the better' comments. Im certainly not buying into that. Mourinho is a great coach (although this is very hard to judge at chelski) but chelski wouldnt even have been able to afford him without Roman!!

    Its not sour grapes either. When Arsenal won the league you had to admire them. I hate them passionately yet despite their cheating when they had the ball and played they were the best by miles and I would say the greatest footballing team the world has probably seen (IMO). Although it only lasted 2 seasons thankfully! But no one can say anything about they're incredible stadium they have bought. And in a few years when they start making 30 million purchases season after season who can moan about it? No one because they earned it and have gone about it a way we admire. Purely business. Do you admire the way chelsea have done it? Chelsea are one mans toy! Thats it! He doesnt give a shit about the fans. He wanted to buy us in the first place! He bought a world class team in 1/2 seasons. Not chelsea, he did. Its a joke and noone trying to turn it around spouting facts etc about our own club is going to make me think other wise!

    And for the smartass who said Fergie couldnt do fuck all with Wengers budget...has Wenger honestly developed youngsters (from scratch) aswell as Fergie?? He bought Viera and Henry remember. Fergie brought through Beckham, scholes, nevilles, butt and Giggs. Some are still there and would rather retire than join another club. He also got the greatest goalkeeper from the last 20 years for just 600,000. He got one of the most inspirational players we've had for just 1.2 million. He bought Keane for the same amount as Viera. And again we see that Brown, O'Shea, Fletcher, Richardson and Rossi have all come through the academy along with another truck load (they won 4 reserve trophies last season) following. These youngsters despite their struggles have been integrated into the team and seen us reach 51 points in 25 games. Thats better than 5 of our 8 premiership titles! So if you take away chelskis money you would find we would be top of the league again. Without a very good midfield too. Interesting that. Wengers 'genius' with nurturing youngsters is seeing them struggle to hold onto 5th which I doubt they will achieve any higher and the clubs stars are either fading or leaving. The youngsters are just not good enough to carry the mantle, yet ours are fighting hard in a weakend midfield.

    Now im sure as Ive disagreed with you im going to get some smartass comments from the usual know it alls. Im just giving you my opinion, I strongly disagree like many do over this issue and you all should respect that. The way chelsea do things makes me sick. This whole Obi Mikel thing, I dont see any chelsea fans speaking up about that? So before you say we should know better maybe you should accept that you know better if thats what you believe and some of us are never going to feel the same.

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    • Have l wound you up today?

      You'd think by the time you reach 53 you'd have matured.

    • Some of us read messages on this board but dont post often. We dont want to read the nonsense people like you come out with. Nothing wrong with pointing you out for who you are. I also managed to make a few posts about Manchester United, the reason im on here. Did you manage to do the same or have those posts you made given you your wind up fix for the day?!

    • And you come on here to make this post?

      Get a life you wanker.

    • Don't like it when you get it back, do you? If you can't take it, don't give it.

    • You, just like the others would be wise not to respond to Butch_wilkins. He is just another one of these people who comes on here to wind others up. He makes one post this morning and its just to insult someone. Says it all. If you dont react like he wants eventually he will get bored and maybe get a life.

    • go man. i am a psychologist and i get most of my material from man u message boards. do they actually read their own messages before poting?

    • You cant accept any point but your own can you! Even though on the scouse board you have been shown up again with regards to your 'facts' comment you just cant admit it! This is why your opinion holds no credibility anymore. Its no longer about what your opinion is its just that you have to be right everytime! Its the same with your coments on the liverpool board. No one takes you seriously anymore which is a shame because you do raise alot (not all though) of good points about chelski and their russian sugardaddy. Now they are starting to get childish again and you have ignored so many points its boring now.

      Also the rumour I heard over on the scouse board is that actually you used to be a United fan until 2 years ago!

      ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh danny boy kept that quiet didnt we!

    • Poor Shaolin ... you just carry on reading the bits you want to read. Hey, why not forget about taking things in context!!!

      History means absolutely nothing when the teams line up on a Saturday at 3pm. It means nothing in each of the 38 games played during the course of a Premiership season.

      Whether Man United have won the league 100 times before makes no difference whatsoever to whether they will win it again! Is this really too hard to grasp or are you so self obsessed with the "good old days" that the lack of Man United trophies now just passes you by?

      And my guess is that the chances of you seeing me at Stamford Bridge are extremely remote considering how comfortable you are in your armchair. True fan? Yeah right!

      Some of us have actually attend matches on a regular basis! I have been following Chelsea for 37 years ... 35 more than you have been supporting United by the sounds of it!!!!


    • History means nothing...well I see your point now, it would mean nothing to me either if I just supported whoever was winning the league this year. To those of us that have followed football for longer than 2 seasons it counts for alot!

      Its ok to admit you are wrong danny now and then...and yes I do know this too! Fortunately now is not one of those times! See you at Stamford Bridge, we have quite a nice 'history' there!


    • ... not that a 10 point head start would help you in any case! (ha ha ha ha ha)

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