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  • Blueskies Blueskies Feb 9, 2006 18:12 Flag

    Bought the Title...response to glazer_must_die post

    You certainly got a lot of responses 93 at this count. Absolutely right about Abramovitch -he bought a toy - Money doesn't mean anything to him - Chelsea 200 million in debt? Pocket money for him - he needn't blink.

    Unfortunately its wiped the game away from everyone else - You can't compete when there's a bottomless pit of money even to cover up poor buys.

    One thing I would point out though is that he is fortunate in his choice of Mournihno - he is a sharp character with lots of credibility. People may know that as long back as 1990 World Cup he was Bobby Robson's technical adviser and translator- and only in his mid 20's.
    No matter what anyone can say he is nobody's fool - and I think he will just tick off the trophies that he wants strting with the EPL 3 times on the trot.
    It separates the rest of the League into chasers like Man Utd Arsenal etc... and it's going to last a long time - then the EPL looks like the Scottish league with only 2 contestants.
    In-case any one is curious how Abromovich acquired so much dosh (he's only 36)He made it at the fall of communism when they were selling off all the state assets. He got what now is billions in oil wealth for peanuts (or about the price of SW Phillips) on cheap loans.
    One of his peers is the gentleman you see on Russian TV behind bars waiting to be sentenced for making money in a similar fashion - trouble is he stayed in Russia and upset Putin.
    So there might be a bit of a chance of Abromovitch getting going back to Russia on holiday and ending up in the same kind of prison cage.
    That would allow the EPL to start again on a level playing field.

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