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    Even the Fifa president sees the sense in it all

    Great Harwood 1 FC United 1
    FIFA president Sepp Blatter has given his backing to rebel club FC United - and slammed English football for being too commercial.

    FC eased 18 points clear at the top of the Moore and Co Solicitors League second division with a 1-1 draw away to Great Harwood last night, leaving them needing a maximum of 20 points from their last ten games to clinch promotion and the title.

    And they were buoyed by the comments of Blatter, one of the most powerful men in world football, who was interviewed in the club's programme at the weekend.

    He said: "For any dedicated fan to join a new club and help form a new team is certainly laudable because it stands for what association football, what club football, is all about - dedication to belong to a group of like-minded people who share a goal. Therefore I see no reason not to applaud such an initiative in principle."

    Around 1,100 FC United fans braved rain, sleet and snow in Accrington to watch their side drop their first points in 2006 in a game marred by appalling refereeing and some vigorous Great Harwood tackling.

    FC moved ahead after 12 minutes with a Rory Patterson penalty.

    But Great Harwood equalised 13 minutes from the end through Stuart Cliff.

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    • Look at you, coming on here p****d off that United have won a trophy, 12 months ago you were supposedly a Red, and true United fan. Now look at you, your a deserter, one of the FEW who turned their backs on the club.

      I'm Anti-Glazer, much like anyone else, but what I ain't, like most FCUM fans now seem to be is Anti-United.

      Answer me this, did you realy try to do everything you possibly could to save this club, or did you just jump on the bandwaggon when the going got tough.

      I myself know that I did all I could do to save OUR club, I signed up to Shareholders United (now the Manchester United Supporters Trust), I contributed to buying shares, I joined the protests, sat in the road at the junction of SMB Way and Chester Road, boycotted the merchandise, marched around Manchester and stormed the Vodafone store when I should have been at work, attended the meetings, wrote to MP's, the club, even tried to write a letter to Glazer and Magnier (a lot of good that did!!!!). But one thing I DID NOT and NEVER WILL do was abandon the club.

      This has not arisen because of the fault of the club, we were all happy when we became the first Billion pound club, all due to the floatation on the stock market, it has arisen beacuse of 3 Greedy B*****ds, Glazer, Magnier and McManus, along with the other shareholders who sold out so easily.

      What will happen when this thing ultimately goes wrong for Glazer, once the club is back in the fans control. Will you just abandon FCUM just like you did United.

      Once a red, always a red.

      Remember the song-