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    Why do so many ManUtd fans want Nolan?

    There seem to be a lot of ManUtd fans saying we should get Nolan. For me he's only good enough to be a bench warmer or to play against Chorlton, Everton - not the top European teams which we have to be challenging next season. Would Nolan get in the 1st team of the top European teams like Juventus, Barca, AC Milan? I think not. If not then why should he play for United? Just because he knows the English league doesn't mean he has the class to fill the void in midfield ManUtd currently have. We need a genuine world class international to fill the gap left by Keane! We can't get a young player and wait a few seasons for him to mature - we've been on the European decline for a few seasons already!

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    • I think Nolan has the potential of being a very good player. All footballers start off somewhere. You don't necessarily get world class recognition overnight. He as also never had the opportunity to prove himself consistently on the big stage. He played well in the UEFA cup and has never (wrongly) played for England. I would have picked him for the last friendly, instead of Carrick and Jenas. I think he is better than both these and the shit Hargreaves that Ericksson insists on playing.

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      • He's a good all-round player with a bit of physical prescence. He's also captain of his club at a relatively young age, shows that he is considered an influential player.

        Keane wasn't world class when we signed him, he grew into the role.

        He also chips in with his fair share of goals, something we've not always had from midfield in recent seasons. I don't know that he'd be my first choice signing but i certainly think he could be a very good one!

        By the way, did Nolan start out as a striker for Bolton?

    • Yeah! The obvious benefit of getting Nolan would be his adaptability to EPL. We want to be there or thereabout challenging for the title. And he can always be effective against Arsenal haha! Lampard wasn't a great player when Chelsea bought him, so I think Nolan would be a better gamble than the two Lille Midfielders mentioned. Then we would need one more midfield playmaker.

    • Lol nice one kel, except its not really fair when you only include one world class player on the same level as giggs in Keane. Havent really heard of the other three jokers.

      Also you didnt include the stat...how many elbows got away with....the others are ok but I believe Shearer is on a hundred...

    • Thats a good shout think ill say 3-1 too but thats being generous because with Bramble out whos going to be there to shore up the defence and cover the error prone Boumalwaysoffsong (note the sarcastic tone).

      Ruud to get 2. geordiebloke to keep his sock in.

    • I wondered why geordiebloke has been so quiet recently (not that im complaining) but then I remembered we had newcastle this weekend!

      Id keep quiet too because theres a big send off planned for Shearer!! Its called the rooney show and hes going to show them what they missed out on!!!

    • Rumour has it that there will be a bid from Valencia for Ronaldo in the summer. Bye bye Cristiano....

    • Given we have, without doubt, underperformed in the past few seasons can we really afford to buy young and wait a few seasons for them to bed in? I think we need to get a player who will make a difference now. Don't forget football is very different than when Fergie bought players in the early 90s, football of today demands results now - whether that is right or wrong is another question.

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      • But what if we get another Veron. This is the problem in buying 'World Class' players who have no experiece of playing our type of football.

        Veron was the BEST midfielder in the world, in his position, when we bought him. But he failed in this country, even at Chelsea.

        Nolan is a good player, I have watched him now for 4 or 5 years. It is not always WORLD CLASS players who make the difference to the team. IMO our player of the season (Wes Brown)would not be classed as WORLD CLASS, not yet anyway, but we would struggle at the moment without him.

        I think we do need a really good midfielder, someone who suits our style of play, but Nolan would also be a good buy, to bring into the team as needed at first, then to build himself into the midfield. Lets face it, with our injury's throughout the year, we need more that 1 midfield player in the summer.

    • I'm sure you would all want him in your squad right now as he would be a vast improvement on the likes of Fletcher.

    • When we bought Roy Keane, would he have got into the great european sides of that time? I think not.

      When we signed Keane it was seen as a gamble by the press, he was not rated as one of the best Forest players.

      Nolan, at 23 has plenty of time to bed into the team. Also we know his ability at the moment and can see his potential. I would rather have himthan either of the 2 players from Lille, or Diarra, all of whom I think are potential Djemba's.

    • I agree we need someone world class, but at 23 hes showing alot of potential, think hes scored 10 goals from midfield this season, thats a couple more than gerrard. And didnt we buy a certain Roy Keane at a similar age? I dont know if hes the man but hes definitly worth considering at least.