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  • I did not see the game yesterday, but Sky Sports give him a nine out of ten rating. Was he really that good and if so could he play like that in the much yougher EPL?

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    • He is 28, playing very well (sometimes) in a team full of S Americans, managed by an Argentinian. We can't take the risk of his lack of real pace being a liability in the EPL.

    • Yes Riquelme was that good but then Veron looked that good before we bought him and he wasn't up to speed with the EPL which seems to be the way for most South Americans.

      Forlan looked a class act as well and we saw how he wasn't the same player in a Red kit.

      Riquelme was the class act on the park and he played his link role brilliantly. I could see RVN scoring as freely as when he was being fed by Beckham if we could get him but he seemed to be a young version of Scholes to me rather than an out and out midfielder.

      I think we need a defensive midfielder more than a creative attacking one but Riquelme was the best attacking midfielder who was in the CL last night by a street.