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  • jim w jim w Apr 6, 2006 21:56 Flag


    Yes I know this subject is getting boring, but after watching the 8 last teams in the CL I was only impressed by 7 midfielders and 2 of them play for Arsenal. The other 5 were;
    Riqueleme -probably too old (28) and too slow.
    Diarra- yes please (but half of europe will want him)
    Malouda- (26) replacement for Ryan?
    Deco- unobtainable probably
    Simao- (26) replacement for Ryan?

    So as well as all the usual suspects what do people think of grabbing D'alessandro? Buyout of £6m , regarded as the 'next maradonna' 2 years ago, but got lost at Wolfsburg. Now he's got used to EPL is winning games for Pompey.