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  • jim w jim w Apr 6, 2006 23:21 Flag


    Before Requelme went to Villareal he had a dissapointing spell with Barca. Don't you think its a bit like Veron all over again? D'alessandro is same type of player with just the same 'expectation' in Argentina, but because he hasn't 'made it ' yet is much cheaper and younger. If we were to take a punt on a s american, isn't he better bet?
    Diarra made Essien look good at Lyon, I think he's a much better player, however Lyon are a rich club ( new TV deal etc) and Milan/Madrid are interested, so maybe he would cost too much.
    Agree about Malouda, an easier target from Lyon.
    Don't think Nolan, Carrick, Reid etc from EPL are any better than our own players.